The Ball – «What Happened Revealed to Arbitration (Santa Clara)

The Ball - «What Happened Revealed to Arbitration (Santa Clara)

Santia Clara will host an exhibition for the Portuguese Football Association’s Refereeing Council after Djokovic Alma, the sports director of the Assyrian emblem, announced his defeat to Gil Vicente (0-1) in Barcelona this Saturday.

“What happened tonight will be revealed to the arbitral tribunal,” he told a news conference.

“There was no involvement in the penalty shootout, no one at home saw the action, and there can be little doubt that it was not a penalty,” Diego Boa Alma argued as he competed to oust coach Daniel Ramos at the end of the game. , To the words of Judge Gustavo to Korea

At the end of the match, a coach was fired at the end of the game for having to travel more than 1000 kilometers. For this he was expelled. “We are curious to see what will be written in the referee’s report. There are many witnesses to what the coach has just said,” he added.

Diego Boa Alma criticized the presence of referees for the Prague Football Association in the previous match, with SC Prague (0-1 defeat), which saw Michael Villanueva and Carlos Jr. fifth yellow card, shown by referee Jono Pinhiro, and with Gil Vicente, Inacio Pereira and Louis on assist.

In the previous game of the game, against SC Prague, there was a referee for the Prague Football Club who kept two players in yellow who prevented them from playing today against another Prague football club team. Curious, isn’t it? », He asked.

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