The best Black Friday 2020 TV deals you can get

The best Black Friday 2020 TV deals you can get

Buy 55 Inch LG OLED CX Smart TV at Best Buy – 3 1,399 Buy the 65-inch LG OLED CX Smart TV on Amazon – 8 1,850 Buy the 65 Inch LG OLED LED CX Smart TV at Best Buy – 8 1,899

75-inch Sony X900 H4K Smart TV – $ 1,598


Another CES 2020 TV, The 75 inch Sony X900h, $ 400 discount on black silver, reduced to 59,598. You can get smaller, 65 inch model For 99 999 only. These are Set Featuring local dim full range LEDs, they run on Android 9 Pi. The X900H series also has an ambient optimization feature that is designed to optimize image and sound quality based on your environment.

Buy the 75-inch Sony X900H on Amazon – 59 1,598 Buy the 65-inch Sony X900H on Amazon – 99 999

Best Buy – Buy the 75-inch Sony X900H at 75 1,598 Best Buy – Buy the 65-inch Sony X900H for $ 999

65-inch Vizio B-Series Quantum 4K Smart TV – $ 999

Vizio B-Series Smart TV


This 99 999 sale price is low all the time 65-inch Vizio P-Ceres 4K Smart TV. It will reach 1,100 night brightness, and it supports the full range with local dimming, Dolby Vision HDR and the company’s Quantum Color technology. If you go Gamestop, You will receive a Game 50 GameStop e-gift card upon purchase.

Buy the 65-inch Vizio B-Series Smart TV at GameStop – 99 999 Buy the 65-inch Vizio B-Series Smart TV on Amazon – 99 999 Buy the 65-inch Vizio B-Series Smart TV at Best Buy – 99 999

75 Inch Samsung Q90 D4K Smart TV – $ 2,598

Samsung Q90D Smart TV


One of Samsung’s new QLED 4K TVs, The 75 inch Q90T 59 goes on sale for 2,598, which is $ 700 from its normal price. In addition to local dimming and support for HDR10 +, the Q90T Also features in-depth learning-powered AI development.

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Buy the 75-inch Samsung Q90D Smart TV on Amazon – 59 2,598 Buy the 75-inch Samsung Q90D Smart TV at Best Buy – $ 2,599 Buy the 75-inch Samsung Q90D Smart TV at Samsung – 5 2,599

50 Inch Samsung Frame QLED 4K Smart TV – 48 948

Samsung The Frame Smart TV


If you like TV that doesn’t shout “TV,” you may want to Samsung’s The Frame, Which creates a good case for a set that doubles as an art center. The 50 inch frame smart TV Now on sale for 48,948, which is $ 350 from its normal price. In addition to Samsung’s “Art Mode”, it also supports HDR and voice commands, which allow you to display artwork on the screen while you are not watching TV.

Buy 50 Inch Samsung Frame Smart TV on Amazon – 48 948 Buy the 50 Inch Samsung Frame Smart TV at Best Buy – 48 948 Buy a 50 Inch Samsung Frame Smart TV at Samsung – 48 948

Vizio Elevate Soundbar – $ 700

Vizio Elevate Soundbar


One Vigio’s new Soundpars $ 300 discount on Black Friday, which is reduced to $ 700. It just got there Last month Although Vigio announced it again at CES in January. The bar has 18 speakers in its 5.1.4-channel system, and the set comes with a wireless eight-inch speaker and two satellite surround speakers.

Buy the Elevate Soundbar on Amazon – $ 700 Best Buy – Buy the Elevate Soundbar for $ 700

Roku Streambar – $ 100

Roku Streambar Soundbar on White Table.

Valentina Palladino / Engadget

The new Roku Streambar goes on sale for $ 100, the lowest price since its launch last month. This is a smaller version of Roku’s full-size Smart Soundbar that enhances your TV’s audio front, while also incorporating 4K HDR streaming technology. We gave it a go Score86 Its apartment friendly design, excellent audio quality for movies and TV, Dolby audio support and Bluetooth-speaker capabilities.

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Buy Roku Streambar on Amazon – $ 99 Buy Rogue Streambar at Best Bag – $ 99.99

Sonos Beam – $ 299

Sonos Beam


Sonos’ Small Soundbar, The உத்திரம், Is $ 100 for black silver. It is reduced to 9 299, which is the lowest price. If you do not have the space to leave the full size Sonos Arc, this is the next best thing. We gave it a go Score 85 For its excellent sound quality and support for AirPlay 2 and Alexa.

The Sonos Move The speaker is also on sale for 9,299. It’s basically a smaller version of the Sonos One, but it’s weather-proof, so you can take it outside and you’ll want to listen to the tunes anywhere else. Uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and other devices when you are not at home. We gave it a go Score 80 Its excellent sound quality and solid battery life.

Buy Sonos Beam at Sonos – 9 299 Buy Sonos Beam on Amazon – 9 299

Buy Sonos Move on Sonos – $ 299 Buy Sonos Move on Amazon – 9 299

Sonos Sub – 99 599

Sonos Sub


If you already have a Sonos system, you may want a little more umph, The Sub The way to get it. We gave in to this loudspeaker 79 marks Its easy layout, spectacular design and deep bass.

Buy Sonos Sub on Sonos – 99 599 Buy Sonos Sub on Amazon – 99 599

Fire TV Stick – $ 28

Amazon Fire TV Stick


The All new Fire TV Stick It goes on sale for $ 28, which is 30 percent of its normal price. This streaming stick was released just a few months ago, and it features a faster processor, Dolby Atmos audio support and Alexa voice remote. Two fire TV sticks on the other side of the spectrum are for sale. Still affordable Fire TV Stick Light Now $ 18 and up Fire TV Stick 4K For sale 30 for sale.

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Buy the Fire TV Stick on Amazon – $ 28 Buy the Fire TV Stick Lite on Amazon – $ 18 Buy Fire TV Stick 4K on Amazon – $ 30

Rogue Streaming Stick + – $ 29

Roku Streaming Stick +


Long-time favorite, the Roku Streaming Stick +, Reduced to $ 30. This is $ 1 more than the previous all-time low price and is great if you are looking for a smaller and more powerful streaming device. It got a place Our Holiday Gift Guide Its pocket design, 4K HDR streaming capabilities and solid performance. If you don’t mind a bigger device, getting more power is new Rogu Ultra Available for sale, $ 100 to $ 70.

Buy the Streaming Stick + on Amazon – $ 29 Buy Streaming Stick + at Best Buy – $ 29.99

Buy Roku Ultra on Amazon – $ 69 Buy Rogue Ultra in Best Bag – $ 69.99

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