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Unless you’re a handyman who flips cars professionally for a living, you might have to consider investing in a car that is capable of going 300,000 miles instead of tinkering around with car parts. Of course, you can still choose to do so, but many experts have concluded that you would just end up spending the same or even more replacing parts.

Just for context — 300,000 miles is the equivalent of 12 rounds around the world. It is definitely a very complex procedure to get any car to even get past 100,000 miles without the necessary vehicular specs, engine, motor, and more. This is why we have shortlisted a bunch of cars from around the globe that won’t let you down. Let’s rev up the engine and get started! And Click here to check out some cool car accessories for your new ride!

1.    The Toyota Land Cruiser

Powered by diesel, this mean machine will go laps around the planet without any difficulty. Just like its name, it cruises around without any hesitation. Newer models made after 2006 are equipped with more features and amenities to add even more to this already-dynamic car. This is definitely a go-to choice for anyone looking to go for miles and still have a reliable car.

2.    The Toyota Hilux

Yes, you read that right. It is another Toyota on this list. It is just too good to skip! It may be an old model, but it is unblockable and will go on for eons. If there is such a thing as too durable and reliable, it would certainly be on this car’s Tinder bio.

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3.    The Lexus LS400

Don’t let this car’s basic build fool you — just like the Hilux, it is tough to destroy and lives up to its mother brand’s prime feature: reliability. It works forever with regular maintenance and has been reviewed to be the best car to count on. Lexus does constant and detailed testing with each car they put out in the market, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

4.    The Ford Crown Victoria

If you have watched any American retro drama, you’ll recognize this iconic car. It’s the house brand for the typical American taxis, private-hire cars, and police cars. That’s enough credibility — because why would anyone give the police any less anyway? It revs up and goes along without a second to spare, is reliable, comfortable, and has the endurance for any car owner.

5.    The Mazda MX-5

If you want something a little bit more flashy, Mazda MX-5 does the job fine. It’s lightweight, carries only two passengers (including the driver), and sports the typical lux look. The Mazda MX-5, also known as the Miata, is a convertible that has the best endurance. After all, they don’t call it the Roadster in Japan for nothing. It performs well in any type of weather condition and makes you feel like a professional racer. Oh, and just to add: 300,000 miles is a walk in the park for the Mazda MX-5.

6.    The W123 Mercedes-Benz

In this era, we’re starting to see the return of vintage items like analog film cameras, vintage fashion, and decor. Why wouldn’t vintage cars make a comeback? Well technically, the W123 never really left, because it can’t. It is definitely a car that is here to stay for a long time, just because it lasts for a long time. You do not even have to break the bank for this model, you could get it second-hand and still be assured that this machine’s still got leftover miles for you and the next owner.

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7.    The Volkswagen Type 2

Still on that vintage flashback? Well, hold on because we are still on that page. Kombis and Camper Vans are more than just part of hipster cafe decor— these gentle giants actually go for millions of miles. They may cause a bit of a ruckus, but they’re just really good at getting everyone’s attention. This vintage marvel of a car doubles as a rest space and a vehicle, so why not travel in style? If you are going to do a road trip, you might as well do it with a spacious and capable vehicle anyway.

8.    The Volvo P1800

This car goes on for literally millions of miles. This dinosaur was manufactured in the ‘60s and was running for about 600,000 miles before anyone even thought to rebuild its engine. And when they did, it has been recorded to go on for a couple million more. See the hype about these vintage babies yet?

9.    The Air-Cooled Porsche 911

Sure, they’re expensive, but they’re known for hitting 500,000 miles easily with minimal servicing rounds. A true blue sports car with a simplistic air-cooled engine that is less painful on the wallet to maintain. This is one car that is powerful as it looks!

10.     Ford F-150

You might require a lot of fuel, but the F-150 easily gets you 500,000 miles with minimal servicing and maintenance. It’s said to never have a day-off, and it’s true. For top-tier power and durability, you can rely on America’s favorite “tough truck” to give you the miles you need. Sounds like a good investment!

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11.    Subaru Outback

Crowned Australia’s Best All-Wheel-Drive SUV, this wagon boasts plentiful space for cargo and passengers and ample safety features. It can drive past 300,000 miles easily without breaking a sweat and delivers a smooth journey too. Additionally, it’s great at navigating through rougher surfaces to ensure a comfortable and efficient ride.

12.     Honda Accord

Famed for its competent manual gear changes, it’s a magnificent vehicle disguised as a dad car. Described as the epitome of high-tech and safety, it is the go-to family car for many. If you want something simple and less flashy, but still gets you the miles you need, look into getting a Honda Accord.


There you have it — 12 different types of cars that last a lifetime without major modifications. Nowadays, it’s more than just having a sleek car to flex, it’s about having one that can go the distance and go for as many miles as possible. Getting a car is already a large purchase, you might as well pick one that proves as a worthy investment. We hope this article has convinced you to explore cars from a different perspective!

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