The best economist mocks utopian ‘all brothers’

The best economist mocks utopian ‘all brothers’

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Rome ( – A famous Italian economist mocks Pope Francis’ encyclopedia All brothers “Assisi was not inspired by the thought of St. Francis, but by the satirical novel Imagination Presented by St. Thomas More. “

All brothers Has been widely criticized for its left-wing ideology

“But St. Thomas More, writes Imagination, He was a joker, he was not serious, “said Professor Ettore Coty Dedeci, who contributed to the encyclopedia of Pope Benedict XVI Dharma in truth And former President Vatican Bank.

Speaking at a conference on “All Poppers” in Rome on Wednesday – a topic that mocks Francis All brothers Dedechi argued that “economics is not a science” and that “economics is a tool to meet human needs.”

However, he noted that “for this reason it can be used to intimidate and influence, without satisfying them.”

Man-made Utopia and the Kingdom of God

Dedechi warned:

When the economy is used for “political” purposes, it may be tempted to create utopias. If the economy is used for “moral” purposes and finds utopias embedded in the church’s magisterium, these utopias may turn into anti-religious policies.

These are all completely different with Pope Benedict Dharma in truth, Which teaches that when things do not work, it is not the tools to change, but the heart of man. If the Church proposes utopias instead of changing man, one can expect to become “all popes” economically and spiritually.

Juan Miguel Montes, director of Rome, Heritage, Family and Property (DFP), which organized the conference, told Church Militant: “Bowery hopes to expose both absurdities and dangers. All brothers. “

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Economically, it will turn us all into beggars – socialist utopia has proved this enough.

“The encyclopedia has been accused of engaging in a bad imagination, attempting to create man-made utopia as an alternative to the kingdom of God. It is absurd and dangerous because history teaches us that such attempts have always failed miserably, not as a result of fantasy but inside. Gulax, ”Montes warned.

“Theologically, this also leads Policies against doctrinal religions If it indicates denial and / or Contempt for private property It is based on the seventh and tenth commandments. Economically, it will turn all of us into beggars – socialist utopia has proved this enough, ”he stressed.

In an earlier article, he explained how reading Pope Francis’ encyclopedia reminded him of the imaginary world imagined by St. Thomas More “in which private property is abolished, citizens have no goods and money, everything is shared, and the idea trade is obsolete.”

“All religions are welcome on the island, but the most widespread form of worship is nature,” and “the loving mitras for the divine sages identified with nature.”

“Pope Francis only mentions St. Francis in his encyclopedia, but celebrates Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King – thus focusing on changing structures rather than personal change,” Dedechi noted.

Professor Julio Loredo slaps All brothers

The dangers of environmental theology

Other speakers at the Boveri Tutti Conference warned Catholics of the dangers of Pope Francis’ environmental theology.

Ricardo Cascioli, Editor-in-Chief New Daily Compass, Denounced Francis for stealing the environmental leadmodif of the environmental left.

“This ecology marks an anthropological turning point in which man conceives within a larger ‘living community’, thus losing his ontological uniqueness,” lamented Cassioly.

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Even in the Catholic world, he explained, for a long time “environmental imbalances have been blamed on Yudo-Christian anthropology, which has been accused of justifying the plundering of the earth’s resources, instead of belonging to all living things.”

Cassioli in detail:

In fact, it is a distorted view of Catholic thought. Realizing that man is the pinnacle of creation, it means that the only being created in the image and likeness of God is, above all, the key to balancing lies in the relationship between man and God. When this relationship is lived properly, according to Christian revelation, the relationship with the rest of creation also becomes healthy.

Other conference speakers hit home with the economic downturn promoted by the current bonfire.

The only way for everyone to be equal is for everyone to be poor – everyone is poor, everyone is equal.

Professor Julio Loreto, Director of the TFP Milan, explained how communism is designed to provoke:

Outside of some of the privileged Naming, No one is entitled to greater well-being in accordance with a formal quantity and quality increase in one’s commitment. This is due to the dictatorial policy of equality: no one can be greater than the other in order not to create any “alienation”. The only way for everyone to be equal is for everyone to be poor – everyone is poor, everyone is equal.

This equality is the key to understanding Pope Francis’ latest encyclopedia and, implicitly, an international event. “Francesco’s Economy, “Starting tomorrow. Poverty is the way. The goal is equality.

The glorification of this tolerance is right for socialism and communism, not for Christian civilization and the social doctrine of the Church.

Economist Stefano Fontana:
‘Brotherhood’ abused by Francis

Criticized by economist Stefano Fontana All brothers He argues for the misuse of the concept of “brotherhood” and for using it as a vehicle for uniting dialogue. Abu Dhabi announcement Caused a serious suspension of the social doctrine of the Church.

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‘Peronist’ Pope

Leading intellectuals are increasingly critical of Pope Francis for his left-wing economic and political stance.

In an interview on Monday, novelist Mario Vargas Losa, who won the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature, described Pope Francis as “a Peronist”.

“For many Latin Americans like me, he is a pope who supports the extreme left,” Loza said. Print.

“There are many of us who think this way. The Catholic Church today does not have the influence it once had, and I do not think it will have much of an impact on this pope. The experience of a Peronist pope is quick and the Church will restore its true conservative tradition,” Losa noted.

More than 500 people attended the conference, which was moderated by Federico Catani of the Italian DFP, who warned of a utopian vision All brothers And dystopia as a result of “Francesco’s economy”. Ketney warned viewers about the “Great Reset” designed under Wuhan virus infection.

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