The biggest demand is causing online stores to collapse

The biggest demand is causing online stores to collapse

If you want to catch the new PlayStation 5 before Christmas, you need perseverance and luck. It is true that new allocations of the console are always released for sale. But demand is greater than supply.

PlayStation available in Germany from November 19 (Read our test of the console here) – At least in theory. As expected, the new console was resold shortly after it went on sale. As Christmas gets closer and closer fans and distributors alike will have to wait again and again.

A small group was last released for sale on Thursday, December 3rd. On that day, fans can try their luck at things like Otto, GameStop, Amazon, Euronics, Expert and Medimax. However, due to the heavy load the online stores of the dealers are often not available. Anyone who is able to place an order successfully still needs to be patient – dealers will sometimes give very different delivery times.

Hopefully the new game console will arrive before Christmas. But what are the chances for those who have missed all the order rounds so far? We will keep you updated with this article when the PS5 comes back to stores. Our questions also provide additional tips for purchasing.

Can I buy a PlayStation 5 at the store?

No. Currently, consoles are only sold through online stores. Disappointed buyers can save themselves a trip to the store: if there are no more PlayStations to buy online, the console is simply sold out, you have to trust the next round of supplies.

This strategy, which is definitely disgusting to fans, is aimed at preventing long lines and clutter in stores. Scenes like that since launch PlayStation 4 Keep in mind that corona infections cannot be justified.

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But what works: Order a console online and pick it up at the store. Mediamark, Saturn and Gamestop provide this service.

Where can I buy a PlayStation 5?

The following vendors sell Sony consoles in German-speaking countries:

What should I look for when purchasing?

Even after a successful order is placed, the console should never come up. Even at the pre-order stage, many retailers were forced to cancel subsequent orders. This was due to a combination of technical issues, poor planning and distribution issues. Like many electronics manufacturers, Sony suffers from manufacturing problems Corona-Chris.

Also make sure that users are ordering only from trusted stores. There is a fear that countless fake stores will try to intercept frustrated fans as there is high demand. Here’s how to spot attempted scams like this.

What is the price of the PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 is available in two versions: the standard model costs 500 euros. The driverless version – also known as the “digital version” – is available for 400 euros. Some distributors charge a reduced VAT rate of 16 percent.

Except for the driver, the consoles are technically identical. Users do not have to compromise on performance when buying a cheaper model.

Resellers charge higher prices on eBay

Since the console is so hard to get the normal way, there are already plenty of interest offers on eBay. According to trade magazine “Game Pro”, the new game console from Sony is offered for more than 1,000 euros. In early September, when the first pre-orders for the PS5 were placed, there were reseller offers of up to ,000 4,000.

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Behind this are the so-called “scalpels” who snatch consoles from real interested buyers with the help of automated programs – with the sole intention of selling them at a profit. However, many offers for purchases can be fraudulent advertisements.

What accessories can I buy?

New dual sensor controller for PS5 added. It runs on battery power and is wireless. Additionally, it should enable a new gaming experience with haptic feedback. More about the controller here.

The second dual sensor controller costs 70 euros. This is required to run PS5 headlines. If you only want to use PS4 games, you can continue to use your old gameplay.

Remote controls and HD cameras are also available. Headsets and charging stations are currently sold out. Parts will be shipped to the console a week in advance, starting November 12th. You can also buy some of them in stores.

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