The CDC says indoor sports games are a potential super spreader event after the majority of Florida Games’ hockey players infected with Corona 19.

The CDC says indoor sports games are a potential super spreader event after the majority of Florida Games' hockey players infected with Corona 19.

This means indoor sports games could turn into hyper-dissemination events, the researchers said in a weekly report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The game took place on the 16th of June at Tampa’s ice rink, and the next day, players considered index patients experienced Covid-19 symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, and headache. Two days later, he tested positive for the virus, the Florida Health Department reported.

Each team had 11 male players aged 19 to 53 years old, with 6 on the ice and 5 on the bench at any time during the match, the researchers reported. Each team also shared a separate locker room, typically 20 minutes before and after a 60 minute match, and no one wore a cloth face mask for disease control.

“In the 5 days post-match, 15 people experienced signs and symptoms compatible with coronavirus disease in 2019. 13 of 15 patients tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection, the virus that causes COVID-19. Showed the results.” Researchers wrote. Two of the patients were not tested.

While 62% of players experienced Covid-19 symptoms, the on-ice referee did not, and not one spectator in the stands.

Ice rink suitable for Covid-19 transmission

Ice hockey involves strenuous physical activity with heavy breathing during matches and frequent contact between players.

“The Ice Rink is an indoor environment where deep breathing occurs and people are close to each other, providing a suitable place for COVID-19 transmission,” the researchers said.

Researchers believe that one or more players may have been infected during the game, but patients who still have no symptoms are the cause of the infection.

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According to the CDC, the median incubation time for Covid-19 is 4 to 5 days after the onset of symptoms and ranges from 2 to 14 days.

Is there really something like a'super spreader'?

Analysis was limited because not all players were tested for viruses and no asymptomatic infections were identified.

The study concluded that “close contact between indoor spaces and players during hockey matches increases the risk of infection for players and creates the possibility of a super spread event, especially due to the ongoing community COVID-19 spread.”

“Ice Rink is an indoor environment where deep breathing occurs and people are close to each other, providing a suitable place for COVID-19 transmission,” he added.

Rare information about Covid-19 spreading in sporting events

The CDC said there were very few published studies or reports on the spread of Covid-19 related to specific sports games or practices other than those reported in the news.

From the rose garden to the rally: what large gatherings can teach us about the spread of the coronavirus

At Newham Fire, 158 residents associated with 23 different ice hockey teams or organizations have been diagnosed with Corona 19 in the past two months, state epidemiologist Dr Benjamin Chan said Thursday. Of the 158 cases, 117 are related to separate outbreaks, and 41 are not related to a specific outbreak, but are related to ice hockey, Chan said. “Hockey has been one of the high-risk activities we have seen significant proliferation,” Chan added.

People believed to have been infected with the coronavirus through their relationship with hockey have also potentially exposed others at at least 24 other K-12 schools in the state, and this game increases the risk of exposure and spread to other facilities. Pointed out. group.

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On Thursday, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu ordered all ice activity at indoor facilities to cease over the next two weeks.

Other Potential Super Spreader Events

Other documented examples of Super Spreader events include: Choir in washington Last spring, 53 out of 122 people in Skagit Valley Chorale got infected with the virus, and two died after attending two rehearsals in March.
“The act of singing itself may have contributed to its propagation through aerosol release, which is affected by the size of the vocalization. CDC found.
Some public health experts say Rose garden Promotion Dozens of attendees at the event at the White House at the end of September, including President Donald Trump and his executive committee members, followed a massive event after being infected with the coronavirus, although it is not clear where the president was first infected.

The coronavirus has also spread through meat processing plants and is associated with an outbreak involving 57 participants in high-intensity fitness dance classes in South Korea.

Jennifer Henderson contributed to this report.

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