The coronavirus vaccine is used in Brazil for the first dose within minutes after approval

The coronavirus vaccine is used in Brazil for the first dose within minutes after approval

The first dose of the ‘Coronavac’ vaccine, developed by the Chinese laboratory Sinovac and the Brazilian Button company, was used just minutes after the National Institute of Health Monitoring (ANVISA) approved its emergency use.

Manica Calasons, 54, a nurse at the Das Clinicas Hospital in the capital, So Paulo, was first vaccinated at a ceremony presided over by the governor of S பாo Paulo, Joao Toria, the main political rival of the Brazilian president, Jair Bolzano.

“This is the victory of science, the victory of life against those who deny it, against those who love the scent of death for the courage and happiness of life,” Toria said in a speech that indirectly criticized Bolsanaro for not attending the ceremony. .

Bolzano, one of the world’s leaders who has vehemently denied the severity of the epidemic, publicly questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine, vetoing the vaccine, which was initially promoted by the Bhutanese company, a company that relies on the government of Sவோo Paulo.

Having already expressed her political aspirations for the 2022 presidential election, Toria stressed that the use of the first vaccine was “a lesson” for “life-hating, ruthless” dictators.

“Today’s success, the V-day vaccine, the V-day of life, belongs to those who value life and work, as opposed to those who have denied it in the last 11 months,” Toria said.

In addition to the vaccine from the Button Institute, Anvisa also today approved the emergency use of the antigen produced by the University of Oxford and the Anglo-Swedish laboratory Astrogeneka, the main race of the Bolsanaro government, but its quantity has not yet reached the country.

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With nearly 210,000 deaths and 8.4 million cases, Brazil has the second highest number of deaths due to greed after the United States, and the third highest number of infections after the United States and India.

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