‘The country’s move to protect the Amazon is bad,’ says the head of Ita

‘The country’s move to protect the Amazon is bad,’ says the head of Ita

Candido Brocher speaks at the World Economic Forum in Davos – (Photo: Valeria Conwalls / Estado)

Leaving the command of the largest bank in Latin America, Itidas Unipanco chairman Candido Pracher considers the results of the Brazilian move to protect Amazon as “poor”. The lack of progress in this area means that the world, in its view, maintains a “very important” attitude towards Brazil and alienates potential investors.

“The international perception of Brazil’s performance on Amazon’s protection is not good.

The executive did not want to answer questions on other topics such as macroeconomics, politics and the outcome of his mandate in Ita. However, he agreed to comment on the central themes of the Davos forum, which are related to the Amazon environment and security.

Amid global criticism of Brazil for its lack of an environmental agenda, Vice President Hamilton Mario acknowledged the role of the speaker in trying to change the situation and attract support for Brazil. As chairman of the National Council of Legal Amazon he was the most important name for the Brazilian government, representing President Jair Bolzano in this year’s edition of the Davos Forum, which ended yesterday after five days of debate.

He spoke on the importance of public-private partnership in funding the transition from Amazon to a sustainable bio-economy, and said international investment was fundamental to initiatives to thrive on the Amazon. “Regardless of how the efforts made are determined, the truth is (Brazil’s performance in protecting the Amazon) that the results were very bad. And it fuels the most important position against Brazil, including investors. In bringing their resources back to the country,” the brochure evaluates.

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The good news is, in his opinion, Brazil has all the conditions to change this game. “I emphasize that the security of the Amazon is a fundamental government issue for the future of Brazil, and that more attention needs to be paid to this issue by the government and the community.”

According to him, Ita’s role in protecting the Amazon, which has gained momentum in the midst of an epidemic, should be permanent. Last year, the company, along with rivals Prodesco and Santander Brazil, backed the region, which led to the formation of an advisory panel and the establishment of Ten Goals.
“With the help of experts from the Amazon Project Advisory Board, all three banks have learned a lot about the problems in protecting the region. In practice, we have already made progress in formulating a policy that defines the criteria for funding. Meat chain in the region in order to encourage illegal deforestation,” says Pracher.

Banks have also made progress in financing sustainable crops, the value of which, according to the executive, will begin to deliver earlier this year. However, the administrator did not quote the figures. Information from the O Estado ds Palo newspaper.

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