The cult film ‘Feitiço do Tempo’ from the 1990s has been shown 13 times in 24 hours – 02/01/2021 – Illustrated

The cult film 'Feitiço do Tempo' from the 1990s has been shown 13 times in 24 hours - 02/01/2021 - Illustrated

In the United States, February 2 is Groundhawk Day, the date of exiting an animal cave after a long sleep. If he does not find his own shade, winter will last another six weeks. This tradition inspired the 1993 comedy “Fediso to Tempo”, which has become a cult for many years.

Bill Murray plays a reporter who covers Groundhog Day in a small town and, for a mysterious reason, is ordered to be resurrected on the same day. This new classic celebrates the channel date by appearing at least 13 times in a row.

Paramount Network, from 6.10am, free


In this Chilean series, students at a Catholic school are kidnapped and raped by a gang of boys who call themselves wolves.

Amazon Prime Video, 18 years old

50 m

A successful man betrays his bosses and takes on a false identity to try to escape. Exclusive Turkish series for streaming site.

Netflix, 16 years old


Adapted from the theatrical monologue of the same name, the medium-length film by Ricardo Alves and Grace Bose gives a female voice.

Spice Play, 16 years old

In support of love: Forbidden marriages

This new reality is joined by five couples whose families oppose their unions. There are barriers from age and cultural differences to homosexuality.

Lifespan, 18 m 25, 14 Anos

You must not kill

In 1988, Polish filmmaker Kristof Kieslowski released The Decade, a series of ten films based on the Ten Commandments. One of the most famous of them is a guy who kills a taxi driver for no reason.

Worship of Telis, 22 hours, 16 years old

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All the women in the world

Available for almost a year on Globoplay, the Domingos Olivera-based miniseries are making their debut on open TV. Emilio Tandos lives with the protagonist Paulo Loves another girl Each chapter.

Globo, 23 hours 45, 14 years

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