The Danish Ming Kovit crisis is getting worse. What does that mean here

The Danish Ming Kovit crisis is getting worse.  What does that mean here

The development comes just days after the Danish government announced plans to eliminate the country’s entire Mink population to control the spread.

Denmark has 15 to 17 million mink, while its human population is 5.5 million.

The ban came into effect at 4am on Saturday, which means passengers from Denmark will not be able to enter the UK, the government said in a statement. British citizens returning home are forced to be isolated for two weeks, and there are no exemptions, unlike other isolated requirements for travelers entering the UK.

Danish Prime Minister Matteo Frederickson on Wednesday said the decision to reduce the minx was taken “with a heavy heart” but was necessary based on the recommendation of health officials.

What happened in Denmark?

After being sent by humans, Denmark announced that it would eliminate its entire Mink population after discovering evidence of a mutation in the novel corona virus-causing disease mink. The new variant was found to have spread to humans, with 214 infections confirmed as of Friday.

The Danish government also announced restrictions for seven municipalities where the new strain was detected. “The virus has been transformed into mink. The mutated virus has spread to humans,” Frederickson said.

The Statens Serum Institute, a Danish official based in Copenhagen that treats infectious diseases, found five cases of the virus on mink farms and 12 examples in humans, which showed low sensitivity to antibodies, he said. Allowing the virus to spread will reduce the effectiveness of future vaccines.

Is Minx and Govt an issue in other countries?

Yes. Reuters reports 90,000 mink were killed in Spain in the summer after an explosion on a farm, after which several human workers on the farm were affected. In June, Reuters reported that there were 10,000 mother mink and about 50,000 mink cubs Gas to death On a farm in the southern Dutch city of de Mortal, about 3,500 people are part of the country-wide movement.

What do they do with all the minks?

All Danish mink people should be selected quickly to prevent the spread of the new mutant form of the virus.

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If the corona virus mutates, will it affect the vaccine?

Corona virus mutations are not expected to alter vaccine efficacy, Said a World Health Organization scientist In June.

Speaking at a conference on Friday, Maria van Kekow, another WHO expert, warned that “mutations are normal.”

An earlier version of this article misrepresented the goal of vaccines in development. It has been updated.

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