The Delorian could be as chic as an e-car in 2021

The Delorian could be as chic as an e-car in 2021

Delorian 2021. (Built by: Angel Guerrero / Instagram)

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Car designer Angel Guerrero brings tears of joy to the eyes of fans of the cult trilogy “Back to the Future”: showing off his old TMC-style modern electric car with his Delorian 2021.

Who still remembers the 1981 TMC12 of Delorian Motor Company? The car was one of the main actors in the cult movie “Back to the Future” which delighted millions of viewers between 1985 and 1990.

Delorian 1981 Links / Delorian 2021 Rect. (Quell: Angel Guerrero / Instagram)

Designer Angel Guerrero took the upcoming forty-year anniversary of the vehicle, at which time it was the future, the opportunity to design a modernized version of the vehicle. He also made a point of creating a future look again. By the way, Guerrero is not only an entertainment render, but actually a car designer. In this process he was directly involved in the development of the electric super sports car Remake Comment2 With.

Delorian 2021. (Built by: Angel Guerrero / Instagram)

Of course, the Delorian 2021 is only a design study, and it is only on its creator’s computer. However, we will not worry if it changes. You can find out more from Delorian 2021 Instagram-Profile Wars.

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