The DLC will not be available from the first game on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The DLC will not be available from the first game on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect Legendary edition does not include all the contents of the original trilogy. Files containing the basic code of the DLC peak of the first mass effect are corrupted, and the bio has no choice but to set aside that content.

Peak Station was first released on the Xbox 360 and includes a map with 13 battle scenes where players can test their skills. In an interview Game InfoMac Walters, project director of the Legendary Edition, revealed that the DLC code base is irreversibly corrupted.

This issue is not new, since when the Mass Effect trilogy for PlayStation 3 was released, it did not question DLC due to file corruption.

The issue has dragged on to this day, and efforts to restore the DLC to the legendary version are a “roller coaster of emotions.”

The apex station was created by an outdoor studio called Demiurge. Bioware contacted Demurge in an attempt to recover the original DLC files, but unfortunately the original base code was corrupted.

Walters revealed that the only way to add the DLC to the Mass Effect Legendary version was to rebuild it anew, which was impractical because it was “still six months with the whole team’s work.”

Walter did not hide his disappointment at the defeat: “We want to do it. Honestly, because it has to be all the stuff that the team created and brought back. Leaving it broke my heart.”

However, this will not only be the DLC pinnacle, but will also be left in the redesigned trilogy: Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode is not included, due to a studio decision, aimed at focusing on single player content.

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Walter noted the challenges of creating a cross-game experience between platforms and connecting the community that still plays in the original multiplayer mode. In the end, the team decided to focus on making more use of the Mass Effect storyline and DLCs.

The Legendary version of Mass Effect is now available for booking on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will be backwards compatible with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it will not own the version on the new consoles.

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