The doctors took her life support and told her family that she only had hours to live. Instead, the Govt-19 patient tried to wander around smiling

The doctors took her life support and told her family that she only had hours to live.  Instead, the Govt-19 patient tried to wander around smiling

Doctors said Witham would only live a few hours without a ventilator, but when they removed it, he told daughter Nicole Brewer CNN he would “come alive”.

Brewer, his sister and brother – in – law were watching through a glass door on November 29 as staff at the Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton, Arkansas, removed her from the machine.

“When they pulled everything, she started to get up and looked at my sister [was] She raised her hand to wander towards us, “Brewer said.

Brewer said Whitham looked at them and tried to smile.

Witham, 62, tested positive for Kovit-19 on November 7 and was isolated at home.

At first, she had a headache, cough and congestion, Brewer said. But a week after his health deteriorated he was admitted to the hospital and immediately put on a ventilator.

Whitham did not respond to the attempt to lure her out of the machine, and after almost two weeks, her doctor said she could never breathe again, Brewer said.

The hospital staff allows the family to wait outside the room so they can be as close to what they expect as her final moments.

Seeing Witham wave and smile gave hope to the family, but they still did not know if she would do it.

Witham continued to grow stronger, and over the next few days, she was able to move from the ICU to a regular Covit-19 room, where her daughter, Rebecca Gossian, told CNN.

After fainting for so long she was a little confused at first, but she was able to have facetime conversations with her daughters and grandchildren.

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On December 10 – Koshian’s birthday – Koshian looked at his mother and was able to give her a big hug. Whitham was transferred to a rehabilitation room, where he developed his strength after being in bed for so long.

“I went to see her first, and it was a nice birthday present for me,” Gossian said.

Whitham may now have one visitor a day, so the sisters are going to see her.

Gossian saw her on Friday and said she would get up five times during her treatment session, a major improvement from the previous day.

She is now pushing herself to increase her arm strength in her wheelchair and play bingo during therapy so she can practice moving her elbows and developing sitting endurance.

Gossian said his mom was also doing word search puzzles and could use his phone.

Whitham has lived in Pendon all his life, and the family appreciates the prayers from the community and his loved ones for his recovery.

“My family saw a miracle … it was all glory to God,” Goshen said.

The family has set one up Goethe account to pay for her medical bills And other costs.

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