The end of the Neanderthals may be related to the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles

The end of the Neanderthals may be related to the reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles

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A study by the University of New South Wales and the Museum of South Australia has suggested that the extinction of Neanderthals may have been linked to the temporary collapse of the Earth’s magnetic poles 42,000 years ago.

In Release, The group explains that the temporary collapse of the Earth’s magnetic field 42,000 years ago triggered a series of climate changes that led to environmental changes and mass destruction.

This turning point in the history of our planet created by electric storms, widespread dawns and cosmic radiation Polar reverse Earth’s magnetic and Change in solar wind.

In the study, whose results were available this week Published Ann Science, Scientists call this period the “Adams phenomenon” and suggest that it may explain the evolutionary mysteries of the Neanderthals’ extinction or the sudden appearance of figurines around the world, suggesting that humans should seek new sanctuaries.

“For the first time, We were able to date accurately The timing and environmental effects of the pole’s last magnetic force, ”explained Chris Turnie, a professor at the University of New South Wales and co-author of the study.

“The discoveries were made possible by the ancient New Zealand gourd trees, which have been preserved in the sediment for over 40,000 years (2).

The researchers compared that time scale with records of locations across the Pacific Global climate models developed To find out how the growth of North American glaciers and glaciers and the great changes in wind and tropical storm systems are seen in the Adams event.

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One of the first clues marks the simultaneous extinction of Australia and Tasmania’s megaphuna 42,000 years ago.

This is a very surprising and important discovery I’m involved, ”concludes Professor Cooper of the South Australia Museum.

The Earth’s magnetic field, remember, acts as a “shield” that protects the planet from the sun and cosmic rays. When the poles turn upside down, this “shield” reduces its defensive capacity by up to a tenth.

Although it may take centuries, the radiation will eventually reach the Earth’s surface, thus Uninhabitable areas e Cause Destruction of Species.

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