The European Union (EU) wants to pay Portugal three euros (US) to offset the losses in cod fishing

The European Union (EU) wants to pay Portugal three euros (US) to offset the losses in cod fishing

The European Commission wants to compensate Portugal for the losses of three euros. The country does not fish in English waters, but may require reservations to exchange with Norway.

The European Commission plans to pay three euros to Portugal to compensate the Fisheries Department for Brexit’s impact. Traditionally, it is true that Portugal does not fish in the United Kingdom, but the quota of mackerel and whites held in British waters by the European Union (EU) was a “bargaining chip” for indexing with Norway, where the islands off the coast of Svalbard and Norway off the coast between Svalbard and Norway . Fishermen are worried.

“The fisheries sector has immediate assistance of 600 million euros. Commissioner Eliza Ferreira proposes 3 (yes, three!) Euros to Portugal! Incredible,” PSD MEP Jose Manuel Fernandez wrote in a message on Facebook. As part of this support, Denmark will receive 147.4 euros, the Netherlands 130.9, France 108.2, Germany 39.3, Spain two million and Lithuania even 13 thousand euros.

The Social Democrat asks, “There are no direct and indirect losses to Portugal” and wants to know if Prime Minister Antonio Costa agrees.

Under the agreement with the United Kingdom, the European Union will lose 25% of its stake in the British Ocean. Compensation took into account the actual catches, but for Portugal, the issue may have been different.

“It is true that he is not a Portuguese fisherman, but fishing possibilities [em águas britânicas] They were used to transfer the code, “said Louis Vicente of the Industrial Fisheries Owners’ Association (ADAPI).

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More seriously, the ADAPI leader recalled that Norway yesterday dropped talks with the European Union, and the Navy now fears it is a “lost year”.

To mitigate the impact of the UK exit from the EU, Portugal should receive. 54.9 million in trade losses on goods and services. In other words, half of what was proposed for Luxembourg and less than 171.5 million in Spain or 389.7 million in Germany.

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