The family of activist Malcolm X is demanding the reopening of the murder investigation

The family of activist Malcolm X is demanding the reopening of the murder investigation

Malcolm X’s daughters have called for the reopening of an investigation into the murder of an American human rights activist in light of new evidence involving New York police and the FBI.

A Manhattan attorney’s spokesman, who spoke with AFP on Sunday, said the case was being “analyzed”.

During a press conference, a former New York police officer wrote a letter accusing the New York Police Department and the FBI of being complicit in the killings.

According to his cousin, the former police officer, who acted in secret, at the request of his superiors, he approached Malcolm X’s entourage and arrested two of his bodyguards a few days before the murder.

On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X’s real name, El-Haj Malik El-Shabas, lost the protection of his bodyguards when he appeared to speak in a New York City auditorium, where he was killed by three shots.

The former police officer, who wanted his statement to be made public only after his death, says the New York Police Department (NOPD) and the FBI are keeping certain aspects of the case secret.

In February 2020, after a documentary was posted on the Netflix operating system – “Who killed Malcolm X?” – Manhattan attorney Cyrus Vance asked his team to examine the case to determine whether to reopen the trial.

New York police questioned by AFP on Sunday said “all the files related to this case” have been made available to the public prosecutor’s office and that the department is “ready to contribute” to the analysis of the case.

Contacting the AFP, the FBI’s New York office did not respond.

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“Anything that sheds light on the truth about this horrific tragedy should be carefully considered,” said Ilyasa Shabas, one of Malcolm X’s three daughters who attended the press conference.

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