The final SpaceX rocket launch of 2020 to bring the Sonic boom to Central Florida

The final SpaceX rocket launch of 2020 to bring the Sonic boom to Central Florida

Cape Canaveral, fl. – Weather conditions are likely to be mostly favorable for the last launch of Space Beach on Thursday, which will include the Earth-shaking Sonic boom created by the arrival of a Balkan 9 booster to Cape Canaveral.

If there are schedules, SpaceX will face 70% “cell” conditions for launching a secret intelligence satellite owned by the National Reassessment Office at the Kennedy Space Center from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. An exact liftoff time within that three-hour window has not yet been released.

“As of Wednesday morning, a strong high pressure system moving east from South Texas will bring cool, dry air to Space Beach,” the Space Force’s 45th Weather Service said. Said Tuesday. “Primary Weather Concern for Thursday Liftoff winds and thick cloud layer rule are associated with any prolonged pre-cloud cover.”

Although the “percentage cell” in pad 39A was not included in the calculation, forecasts indicated that high winds would be moderately dangerous by Thursday morning.

After the liftoff, the Falcon 9’s 162-foot first-stage booster will split from the second stage and then begin its descent toward Florida. Its destination: Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station 9 miles south of Pad 39A.

As it descends towards the tip of the cape, space beekeepers and spectators must be prepared for the three sonic booms created by the booster, which are harmless except for a few fears and triggered car alarms.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket NRO was commissioned for this mission, known as NROL-108. Although the intelligence agency rarely provides details about its payloads, Mission Artwork was released on Tuesday Next to the text written as “Peace by Strength” shows an angry, dim gorilla beating its chest.

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“Gorillas are quiet animals, but can be fierce when needed,” the NRO said. Said via Twitter. “Like the guerrillas, our NROL-108 mission is constantly vigilant and ready to defend its own, demonstrating the NRO’s commitment to protecting American soldiers, interests and allies.”

Thursday’s launch marks the 31st day of the year for Space Beach.

Start with the details

  • Rocket: SpaceX Falcon 9
  • Mission: NRO Intelligence Satellite
  • Release time: TB
  • Start window: 9am to 12pm
  • Launch pad: 39A at the Kennedy Space Center
  • Landing: Landing Zone at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station1
  • Weather: 70% “Go”

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