The first case of human flu was diagnosed with bird flu

Detetado primeiro caso de transmissão a humanos de estirpe da gripe das aves

Russia today announced the discovery of the first case of human transmission of the H5N8 strain of the bird flu virus to the World Health Organization.

“The laboratory has confirmed that a person was first infected with the AH5N8 virus, a bird flu virus,” said Anna Popova, head of the Russian health agency Rospotrebnatsor.

The virus was found in seven infected people in a bird’s nest in southern Russia, where animals infected with bird flu in December 2020, Anna Popova, said patients “feel better” and have no complications.

At this center of the epidemic “prompt action was taken to control the situation”, the officer quoted by France-Press assured.

Although the H5N8 strain spreads to people beyond the “intra-species barrier”, Anna Popova said, “This variant of the virus is not currently transmitted from person to person.

If the virus becomes more pathogenic and dangerous to humans and has the potential to be transmitted from person to person, the invention will “prepare the world” for tests and develop a vaccine, according to a health agency official.

“We will then be fully armed and fully prepared,” he said.

The bird flu virus is spreading in many European countries, including France, and millions of animals have been slaughtered to prevent the disease from progressing.

On January 5, the French Ministry of Agriculture reported that more than 200,000 ducks had been slaughtered in the country, preventing the progress of several outbreaks of avian influenza, and that 400,000 birds would also be slaughtered.

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