The first global Halloween Blue Moon appeared after World War II in 2020

The first global Halloween Blue Moon appeared after World War II in 2020

The events of 2020 were so strange that some people could only happen once at Blue Moon. But this year there will be one of them. At the end of October, a real rare blue moon will occur on Halloween. There are two full moons in October of this year. October 1st or 2nd (depending on the time zone) provided the Harvest Moon, the closest full moon to the autumn equinox with the same length of day and night. This usually happens in September but ends in October of this year. In some parts of the United States, also known as the full moon or barley moon, farmers have traditionally made full use of the light to collect crops until the night before winter. This year’s harvest month was again Hunter’s Month. Named after a country custom, it’s time to hunt fat animals in the summer under the moonlight. Last longer At this time. However, the 2020 Harvest Moon is smaller than usual, so it’s a tiny full moon. The second full moon of a given month is known as the Blue Moon. There are 7 every 19 years. The name is a placeholder given to keep the other full moons of the year in their proper positions. This is because the moon completes 12 complete cycles in 354 days. This is an 11-day shortage in the total solar calendar of 365 days of the solar calendar. This year is especially unusual since every 19 years, despite the fact that there is a full moon on Halloween somewhere in the world, it is the first time since 1944 a full moon occurs across all time zones. This means that the next month will occur in 2039. Until 2058 and 2077. month It is an astronomical season with four full moons with a blue moon. Either way, the extra moon is a way to reconcile the solar and lunar calendars, very similar to the extra moon in the Jewish calendar’s Adar II, which occurs 7 times in a 19-year cycle. In Jerusalem, the month of harvest took place on October 2nd at 5 minutes of midnight. Blue Moon occurs on October 31st at 4:49pm.

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