The first images of the new operating system

Android 12: estas poderão ser as primeiras imagens da nova versão do sistema operativo

The first beta versions of Android 12 should be available to developers later this month. As usual, it should reach the general public only in September, but in the meantime, everything should be ready for that moment.

There is some information already revealed, however, these may be the first images of this Google OS and will show some details.

With beta versions coming to developers, Google will already have a standard expression of what Android 12 will look like. Now, it seems that the images that are part of the documents prepared for this purpose have been published on the web.

In these images, screen shots with some news that are part of the new Android 12 are available, although this cannot be confirmed Authenticity Of such films.

New Android 12 Notification Panel

In one of the pictures you can see what the new notification panel will look like for this new version of the operating system. Instead of transparent background, we now see a list of notifications with opaque background. In this case, the background is brown, but this color will vary depending on the selected theme.

There is a separation between the "Conversations" section and the rest of the announcements, but the rounded corners of each announcement are more common in these maps. A adjustment is visible in the number of modules of the quick system that will be displayed when the notification panel is partially expanded. Specifically, it was reduced from 6 to 4, zooming in on each icon.

In addition, the date and clock positions have been changed and there are new privacy indicators in the upper right corner. In particular, it indicates whether the camera and microphone are used. Apparently this is something that has been tested for at least 2 years, The Apple already has it on its iOS So, it's natural that it appears on Android now.

Widget improvements

Widgets on Android need system-based improvements… We can thank Apple for bringing a new visual concept to your iOS.

For example, a chat-related widget may display recent messages. Conversation widgets can be good news about this system. Additionally, if someone calls, for example, the widget may show missed call conversations.

It shouldn’t be long before we actually see if these messages have been confirmed, except for a few that are part of the new Android 12.

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