The former NFL referee says officials suffered a ‘complete administrative breakdown’ during the Steelers’ loss


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Steelers fans have every right to be angry at how the first half of Monday evening’s game ended.

The same goes for head coach Mike Tomlin.

That’s the view of former NFL referee Jean Sterador. Western b. The native is now the official analyst of CBS. He called the turmoil around Washington’s last second field goal at the end of the second quarter a “complete administrative breakdown of the authorities.”

With just 19 seconds left on the running clock, the Steelers removed Washington quarterback Alex Smith by a third. Washington had already spent its third (and final) time before that time.

After Smith was removed, he sidelined the ball. According to referee John Hussey, “K-Ball” (or kicking ball) is “not close to where it should be brought”.

As a result, there is no ball to kick in the running clock. So with the clock set to eight seconds left, Washington’s Dustin Hopkins punched a 49-yard field goal to reduce Washington’s deficit to 14-3.

Every point in the game was important because it was tied at 17:42 with 2:49 when Hopkins finally kicked the co-forward field goal. He added another before the end of the game, when Washington won 23-17.

You can see The full sequence is here.

Strador says the problem started when Washington called the deadline before the third time. At the time, Washington was arguing that officials should have been in contact with each other to prepare the K-ball, knowing that Washington had no other time between the third and fourth under.

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He believes the team should have better anticipated the quick field goal effort. Stephen Dude fired Smith in 19 seconds on the running clock. On his wireless microphone, Hussey described the subsequent clock stop as an “administrative issue.”

Strador says the phrase is in the NFL’s official guidelines. But this is usually reserved for events such as the destruction of the chain crew during a marginalized conflict or similar issues.

Not the thrown stop of the clock. Strador described what happened.

“When you stop this watch, regardless of who benefits, this play is a blowpipe,” Strador said during his weekly appearance. WDVE Radio.

Here’s what to do according to steroid.

“Immediately (after being fired), one of these officers had to shout to get the K-ball,” Strador explained.

He said that if for some reason an officer is unable to catch the appropriate K-ball, they should use any other ball.

“We weren’t in a Pop Warner game where we sidelined someone to run around the balls and disappear into the line a little before half-time. There are sidelined people in the NFL. He stands next to the officer with all the kicking balls. ”

But that’s not where the screw-up ends.

“Then there’s the inattentive signal to officially stop the clock with eight seconds left. That will never happen. You don’t have to stop a watch like that because someone doesn’t have football yet. ”

It is understandable what happened to Tomlin on Tuesday afternoon.

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Tomlin told a news conference on Tuesday: “I know they did something wrong.” I tried to help them get it right. I am not looking for explanations. ”

Some Steelers fans on Twitter were wondering why Smith was not invited to the game late. There was an answer to that question as well.

“If it was fourth to third, we wouldn’t have to kick anything other than a K-ball,” Strador explained. “So, as a rule of thumb, it’s not a game’s delay because he did not do anything deliberately to benefit his team. But he really puts them in a very difficult position.”

Strador added that Smith should not leave the field with the ball. But “80% of plays in the NFL” do not end with the authorities using the same ball on the next ball, unless the previous play is “a run between hashes”.

However, the poor decision to stop the clock negates any part of that debate.

“The criticism to be followed is justified, it is not an acceptable mistake in football of this magnitude.”

OK. So my next question is, what about the authorities who came into force? What prevents another quarterback from trying to provoke the same amount of chaos next week?

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