The Game of Thrones star had to leave his home country; Look what happened

The Game of Thrones star had to leave his home country;  Look what happened

Pedro Pascal is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. It all started when the actor appeared in Game of Thrones.

From there, the artist was able to acquire only the most important roles in his life. Among them, she was Nargos, The Montalorian and Wonder Woman in 1984.

To top it all off, Point Pedro Pascal will also be the star of the series The Last of S. Fans of the Game of Thrones actor celebrate his every achievement.

However, many do not know the true story of the celebrity. As we know, Point Pascal Chile and he has lived in the United States since childhood.

Because the artist and his parents had to leave Chile. In 2017, for the time being, the Game of Thrones star commented on what really happened.

The Game of Thrones actor was born in 1975 in Santiago, Chile during the military rule of Augusto Pinochet. At the time, Nargos was popular, saying his parents helped relatives in the opposition.

As is well known, enemies were persecuted at that time. Thus, Pascal Pascal’s parents sought political asylum for the entire family.

“My mother’s cousin was important against the military regime, but there was a big difference between him and my parents. However, helping to cover up someone was still a problem – we finally went to the Venezuelan embassy and asked for help,” the actor recalled when it happened in the 1970s.

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The famous Game of Thrones and Nargos came to live in Denmark and then moved to the United States. In 1995, his parents returned to Chile.

However, the Chilean actor continued to study and look for work in the United States. With Game of Thrones, success has finally come.

“I’ve been experimenting since I was 20, I worked as a clerk, did drama and law and order,” Pascal recalled at the time.

Game of Thrones, with cast, can be found at the HBO Temple. The Lost of AC has no premiere date.

Finally, another Pentecostal Pascal hit is on Nargos Netflix and The Mandlorion on Disney +.

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