The game pays homage to the Frankis Carol – handball

The game pays homage to the Frankis Carol - handball

F.C. for the championship. Even before the victory against Gaya

Frankis Carroll, who left for Qatar, went the way of Joao Rocha last Saturday night and said goodbye to the team, where he has been honored with the Sporting Ka for 10 years.

This was followed by a match in the 17th round of the Blackcard Championship against F.C. Gaya was welcomed, where the team led by Carlos Regente won the Lions with great difficulty (29-18).

With three casualties on the team (Carlos Rusca, Salvador Salvador and Arnaud Bingo), injuries dominated the game from the first minute, with goalkeeper Aljosa Gudic, Punt Valdez (5 goals), Joel Ribeiro (5) and Jens Schongard (6).

Eduardo Almeida made his debut for the game: “It’s an honor to wear this jersey. We excelled in attack and defense. Frankis Carroll is a great player and I hope he has a good future wherever he goes.”

Sports coach Rui Silva was delighted: “I liked this game. It was a good forecast for the next game against Preso in the European League. The team was serious.”

“Congratulations on the game, we did not give the copies we wanted. What we did was very predictable,” said Carlos Resente.

Written by Alexandre Reyes


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