The global balance sheet indicates that more than 2.25 million people have died since the outbreak

Covid-19: Balanço mundial indica mais de 2,25 milhões de mortos desde início da pandemia

The Govt-19 epidemic has claimed at least 2,253,813 deaths worldwide since being diagnosed in China in December 2019, according to official data from the French Press’ Balance Report as of 11:00 a.m. today.

Since the onset of the epidemic, more than 103,827,020 infections have been officially diagnosed, of which 63,195,000 have been cured.

These figures are based on balances that are contacted each day by health officials in each country, and exclude subsequent corrections made by officials responsible for statistics in countries such as Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In the last 24 hours, 15,406 people have died worldwide and 490,708 new cases have been registered.

The United States, the United Kingdom (1,449) and Brazil (1,210) are the countries with the highest number of deaths, with over 3,673.

In all, the United States has the highest death toll at 446,901 since the outbreak – and 26,435,696 since the outbreak of the health crisis – according to Johns Hopkins University.

After the United States, the worst affected countries are Brazil with 226,309 deaths and 9,283,418 cases, Mexico with 159,533 deaths (1,874,092 cases), India with 154,596 deaths (10,777,284 cases), and the United Kingdom with 108,013 deaths (3,852,23 cases).

Among the worst-affected countries, Belgium regrets the highest number of deaths, taking into account its population, with 183 deaths per 100 thousand people, followed by Slovenia (170), the United Kingdom (159), the Czech Republic (156) and Italy (148).

Europe today as of 11:00, with 751,095 deaths and 33,794,433 cases, Latin America and the Caribbean with 602,222 deaths (19,085,319 cases); 467,114 deaths in the United States and Canada (27,222,113 cases); Asia with 241,939 deaths (15,302,625 cases); There are 98,134 deaths in the Middle East (4,792,618 cases); Africa had 92,364 deaths (3,598,193 epidemics), Oceania 945 deaths (31,723 cases).

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This existence is based on data collected by French Press reporters from competent officials and information from the World Health Organization.

Due to corrections or late releases made by the authorities, the last 24 hour figures do not match exactly with those published the previous day.

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