The government is releasing 2021 vacation and option points for federal agencies

The government is releasing 2021 vacation and option points for federal agencies

This Thursday, 31, in the Official Gazette (DOU) the government released a list of national holidays and a list of optional points for members of the federal public administration in 2021.

The order, signed by the Ministry of Economy, states that holidays declared in state or municipal law will also be observed by the respective central government offices.

In addition, custody days of religions and denominations not listed in the Command may be reimbursed, unless previously approved by the person in charge of the administrative unit for the operation of the server.

See below for vacations and custom points listed in the Commands:

– January 1, Universal Conference: National Holiday;

– February 15, Festival: Optional Point;

– February 16, Festival: Option Point;

– February 17, Gray Wednesday: Optional up to 14 hours;

– April 2, Passion for Christ: National Holiday;

– April 21, Tridentes: National Holiday;

– May 1, World Labor Day: National Holiday;

– June 3, Corpus Christi: Option Point;

– September 7, Brazil’s Independence: National Holiday;

– October 12, Nosa Senhora Aparacida: National Holiday;

– October 28, Government Employees’ Day – Art. In Law No. 8,112 of 236, 11

To be celebrated on December 1, 1990, November: Option Point;

– November 2, Day of All Souls: National Holiday;

– November 15, Republican Declaration: National Holiday;

– December 24, Christmas Eve: Option point after 2 p.m .;

– December 25, Christmas: National Holiday; And

– 31 December, New Year’s Eve: Option point after 2 p.m.

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