The Govt-19 case that affected Trump is more serious than reported

The Govt-19 case that affected Trump is more serious than reported

According to North American newspapers, this is far more serious than the medical picture he faced when Donald Trump was diagnosed with Govt-19 in early October last year.

The New York Times “Lung problems associated with pneumonia were the result of Govt-19 infection, prompting medical help to give Walter Reed a chance to give him oxygen before he was taken to a military hospital. The New York publication recalls that Trump “resisted being taken to the hospital when he was told that he would eventually get worse if he stayed and that he would have to resort to secret services to drive him away.”

Within three days of his admission to the hospital, information sent abroad indicated that he was stable and not life-threatening, but the truth is, the media now reports that, at 74 and overweight, he faced the risk of developing the condition worse, leading the medical team to pursue an “aggressive treatment”.

On September 29, during a televised debate with Joe Biden, the American press did not yet confirm whether the then president was already ill. The diagnosis was announced two days later and he had to be taken to hospital the next day as his health deteriorated.

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