The Great Suspend extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store by malware

The Great Suspender extension for Google Chrome is a great way for people to open multiple tabs at once. This allows users to “suspend” tabs when they have not been in use for some time – allowing them to reduce the browser’s RAM usage.

However, this extension has now been removed from the Chrome Web Store because it is said to contain malware used to steal user data.

Last year, Dean Omkey, the original creator of the extension, revealed that it was going to sell it to an unknown company, no longer part of its direct development. However, the extension began to show Some issues With the advent of version 7.1.8, the first launched after sales.

We were warned in January this year Here in Tugatek For the dubious operation of the extension, after the changes in it have been carried out in a dubious manner, without being reported to the public kit. However, it is still in the Chrome Web Store today.

Google today decided to remove the Chrome Web Store extension, claiming that it contains malware – which seems to have been introduced in the latest updates. Chrome is no longer available in the Web Store, and this extension is no longer accessible to users in their browsers – where Chrome will now automatically remove it.

Although the future of this extension is uncertain, shortly after the announcement of the sale, programmers and sponsors of the extension teamed up to create an alternative version, which is malware-free and up-to-date. Awesome suspender, Which is still available Chrome Web Store.

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