‘The Grinch Musical!’ Matthew Morrison’s performance in the film makes many viewers feel ‘embarrassed’

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During Wednesday Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical!, The audience was treated to plenty of bright colors, song and of course festive holiday excitement. Matthew Morrison played the famous Grinch, and although his acting has all the humor and frenzy that fans expect from that character, that too is a particular I do not know what This embarrassed some viewers.

In an entertainment weekly magazine Interview going up to the premiere, Morrison said he was inspired by his Grinch Joaquin Phoenix. “I don’t want the Grinch to be a good dancer,” he told E.W. “I took a lot from Joaquin’s Phoenix acting The Joker. ”

Although Morrison’s Grinch is unique, many viewers have complained on social media that it is too sexual. Morrison did heavy breathing, moaning and breaking the 4th wall. Plus there was the occasional hip-bump during his acting.

Despite being an observer Created a Twitter account To comment on how embarrassing the performance was for her, most people enjoyed it. “He’s doing a really good job.” Wrote An observer. “I can not tell if the Grinch is trying to be creepy or sexy, but it’s an interesting ride.”

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical! It aired Wednesday nights at 8pm on NBC.

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