The head of the company says that WhatsApp has more security and privacy than Telegram

The head of the company says that WhatsApp has more security and privacy than Telegram

Godgard, the global leader of WhatsApp, recently went public to reaffirm the status of the company he leads as a safer and more private platform than rival Telegram. He pointed a finger at the misinformation that was prevalent on the Internet.

WhatsApp Strong acknowledges that failure to communicate changes to privacy policy has negative consequences, undermining confidence in the platform. Godcard has released a number of details about its company’s operations.

WhatsApp has more security and privacy than Telegram

Will Godcard is the global leader of WhatsApp.

This was recently Interview The strong man of WhatsApp knew many things about his company. First, it was revealed that since the date of Facebook’s acquisition in 2014, the news site has not registered visible profits.

For this reason, one of the company’s priorities is the business platform, which seeks to provide companies and businesses with a platform to interact with customers. With more than two billion users – according to Statista – the potential for profit is enormous. However, the company continues to ban any advertising provided to the user.

It prioritized the business platform that led to the revision of the privacy policy, which began to spread the dangerous announcement in early January. In Europe, unlike in other parts of the world, there is no final warning.

Users were bombarded with misinformation and hype

This announcement was received in the worst possible way. The changes ignited and the Internet, even in Europe, was buffeted by sensational headlines that gave a final warning. This will never happen in the GDP practiced in the community. Damage occurred.

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However, as we reported in the previous case, the transfer of user data through Facebook has already taken place since 2016. The application of the new privacy rules is kept only on paper, in practice, what has already been done by the social network.

Cathcard insists that WhatsApp will not be seen exchanging messages or any communication from the user being protected by end-to-end encryption. Instead of telegrams providing this protection only in secret chats on all types of communications on WhatsApp. In the previous case, we found out on 4gnews.

In the EU we are protected in GDP

2/5 WhatsApp’s latest Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Update have been falsely reported to require users in the European region to agree to share data with Facebook for advertising purposes in order to continue using the Service. This is incorrect.

– iamNiamhSweeneyNYC January 7, 2021

Niam Sweeney, in charge of WhatsApp for Europe, gathered the above evidence via Twitter. In practice, there are no significant changes to the Privacy Policy, as discussed in the previous article.

Will Godcard creates a “m gulpa” in the way he reported the changes. “We are responsible for the communication. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the implementation of the platform’s new privacy policy (until May 15).

Until then, the company wants to fight misinformation and try to regain the trust of users looking for alternatives such as signal and above all telegram. In the latter, Godcard also expressed his confidence.

Godcard has agreed to share metadata with Facebook since 2016. He opposed spam and mass news and justified it. These nodes Just a part Basic objectives for sharing these identifiers with the Facebook group.

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The administrator clarified that Facebook will start offering hosting companies and news management services to large companies using the Business API. Target advertising on these services, Target Ads. This data is the result of a new authorization to share data with Facebook, which can provide customized ads.

More security and privacy on WhatsApp than Telegram


In the face of the sudden popularity of Telegram and Signal, Godcard defended its base.

It did so by claiming that your company’s privacy history is excellent and that all your communications are protected by end-to-end encryption.

Encryption key that protects not only private conversations but also messages, calls and group sharing. Content sent by users can only be accessed by the user with a numeric key or QR code.

The administrator said Telegram did not have this option – in fact, it does, but only in secret chats. He also pointed out that Telegram maintains a copy of the message “a real privacy and security issue”, especially if someone can hack and access their servers.

Gatchard sees Telegram as a social network More than just a news and communication application and site.

When asked about the signal, WhatsApp strongman admitted that his company collects more user data. “But they are the only ones who need to keep people safe and fight violations like mass shooting“, Here refers to the metadata as the IP address.

The interview, given by the company’s global manager, comes at a time when WhatsApp is struggling to regain the trust of its users on the platform.

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