The Impact of Jens, Our Last and Favorite Games in 2020

The Impact of Jens, Our Last and Favorite Games in 2020

Gaming unites people. This is one of the purest aspects of the medium: to get others inside, to step into the magic circle, and to be fun. (Or Seriously. A map like a geography rumba We continue to discuss games that have happily colonized our time and mind, the desire to pursue the hobbies we want. Wrestling with issues such as shooting social media rage – still acknowledge that some pleasures in this world are superior to digging about a part of the digital art that made you feel deeper and deeper with another person (or even nonsense and fun. Again: playing sports.)

That’s why, as we do Every year, A.V. ClubThe sports team devotes some time to our readers. Because we like to talk The games we liked In Both parts We are very excited to hear about the games that are releasing all the way from big big budget to mobile entertainment in 2020 You This wild, play was desired in the demanding year. So here they are: Keyboard Taken from Genius, one of last week’s favorite games in 2020 from your favorite games.

First: Amaltheilanor, talks about all-encompassing Final Fantasy VII remake:

I mentioned this at the half-year point, but I liked it Final Fantasy VII remake Because it made itself accessible to newcomers like me. The original game is highly revered within the gaming culture, and I really missed playing it for the first time. Going next to any knowledge (I know about killing Zebroth Aries, about it) I was glad I didn’t find it, even though there were a lot of references going on around me (I forgot to look at it). In no way hinders the enjoyment of my game. Quite the opposite: it has star production values ​​and an excellent combat system (something I generally preferred less and less in JRPGs). Although I don’t have the same 20+ year connection with the characters, thanks for the excellent writing and performance. What’s more, it’s fun to know; For the first time ever, I’m finally one of the “get it” fans Final Fantasy VII.

Tito Erakpiji, he gave a nod Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock Out:

I loved it Final Fantasy VII: Remake To change my mind in real time battle in an FF game. I don’t usually like combat in a 3D environment, but FFVII: rReal-time fighting and pause for some old antiques F.F. The menus are beautifully executed. I really enjoyed it, and I played doubles FFXII For the first time.

I love Fall guys Since this is a very quick and famous idiot, you can not be mad for a long time. I don’t have the attention to play for hours. Paradoxically, Fall guys‘Quick minicames and the “one more” approach resulted in 4+ hour sessions for me. Thank God my wife wants the soundtrack, otherwise she would have gone crazy by now.

Many users agreed with our choice Hades One of the best of the year, including Evan Waters:

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Damn There is Hades Terrible. This is the best feedback ring I’ve ever seen: you’re going out and smashing things, you’ll eventually die, you’re rewarded with fantastic story things and connections with neat characters and concrete improvements to your skills and new options. The bad run still gives some results at home, but the good runs are much better, and you get a little better.

Lipcardofel, meanwhile, praised the game’s highly customizable difficulty:

HadesGod mode is a lifetime for someone with dum-dum fingers like me, and it’s like the first Rogulite / I played, after the first two hours I never felt completely frustrated and bored. I really appreciated being able to enjoy the game and the story and aesthetics like everyone else, but at my skill level, I never felt like I was cheating. Beating Hades then beating then Hadith—Even though I can only do so with a% 40% reduction in damage, it is a rewarding experience.

And Needle.Haxa spoke at the center of its story:

Then there was the one who both loved Supergiant Fort If you are looking for short, focused sessions, you may find a perfect type of rugby because it makes sense whenever you get it. Hades My game of the year. I stopped playing when I first won Over World Boss. There are other rogue-options I have played too much with — sometimes I get frustrated by the fact that my preference is not strong enough to set it aside. I think the focus is on the stories Hades It really satisfied me to reach a very welcome “decision”. This is really the pinnacle of everything that makes Supergiant better.

Games coverage Mainstay Merv gave some great indie choices:

I liked it Timily Because it surprised me with its brilliance. Blush first, Timily Sounds like the worst stealth-puzzle game. But when it adds dynamics and complexity, it reveals hidden depth. Then it pulls a twist so the jaw-dropping clever I still can’t get out of my head. It completely rearranges the previous puzzles of the game. I do not want to spoil it, but it is equivalent to finding the “portal paint” Portal 2. Timily Yurnick Studio’s debut game, and now they ‘d draw my attention to anything they release in the future.

I liked it Golf with your friends Because it allowed me to do golf with my friends. It’s funny, but it’s true. GWYF is a thin experience that is somewhat polished beyond that Cyberpunk 2077, But when you play with your friends, it’s sublime. It turns out to be a stupid party game that bends and breaks the laws of physics. Who doesn’t want to punch physics in its stupid, ugly face?

I liked it Negroparista Because it was discredited by making death even more mysterious. This seems like a contradiction in terms, so I will explain. Negroparista It’s about a magically realistic coffee shop where the dead go before they can go to the other side. The baristas act as psychics, offering words of wisdom and a hot cup of coffee before shepherding the dead to the afterlife. What awaits them there? No answers to the game. But by embracing the fact that death is ultimately unknowable, Negroparista It helps to prevent our complex feelings about it.

Robotova stumped hard for a game Easy admission to our middle list:

The most defining game of my year Our last part II. Original The last of us It’s one of my favorite games of all time, and for my relationship with video games it’s a swan song. When I heard that a sequel was being made, I was incredibly skeptical: the first result The last of us That’s right, I thought there would be more of a sequel. But it is not. Part II A masterpiece. Sure, in its broadest sense, its storytelling strikes a few more snacks than its predecessors, but the game’s ambition pays off more often than not. I didn’t even like the features of the game in the end — the mid-game twist grew heavily on me. Each character in the game is loving, complex and understandable. Much of the game is spent in the hope that people will make the right choice. It gets its final dramatic confrontation, with mining ties forming a catharsis built into both games. It’s incredible as a game; Graphically, I can not think of anything that can compete with it, all its systems work wonderfully in putting you in the shoes of its protagonists. It also has many memorable locations and set pieces: the broadcast station, the hospital (the two times you go there) when you first meet Scorsese, the shooter, Skybridge, the village. I love this game so much — not even the shallow and bitter discourse around it has bothered me.

Finally, Hong_Dolworth gave emotional protection to the free play event Kensh’s impact:

I was the first person to put up with it Kensh’s impact Is this on the list? I have played my fair share of F2B games for many years. Give The rotating “banner” of limited time characters still exists, but they are inserted uniformly ZeldaClone like all the other characters. Importantly, the boss has to grind fights and collections for any other character to equalize these characters; There is no ability to enhance your writing through in-app purchases beyond banner / draw mechanics. Honestly, Give Feels more like a “real game” than Avengers Game I paid 30, for which micro-transactions are baked into many aspects of the game’s service model. I have not put any real money in the title yet… but I think I should support a game that is supposed to be profitable in its first few weeks of operation. This is the game I play on the PS5 and I look forward to getting their next gen code paint for most “real” 2020 games

When Ferbolos sank back into the back for some great games from the past years that got their day in the sun in 2020:

Watch Dogs2. Yes, I cheat. not that London, This is San Francisco. London is still expensive. But Watch Dogs2 Very good. It lowers the tone of the original’s intensely aware thriller for the most silly funny hipster adventure comedy, and a silly plot to fight off evil companies that try to do the same right things to self-righteous pseudo-ethical hackers. As they are. But it is so much fun. Powerful escape, park and hack a city with omnipotent magical hacking. In a normal, regular everyday setting, a sense of lightness and freedom. With a touch of real life tourism and a real love for the history, culture and landmarks of San Francisco. I firmly believe that 2020 Watch dogs It’s very good (although I can imagine London being a very boring city), but this is not what I played in 2020.

If you want to read more of our readers’ thoughts on the best games of 2020, you really should, because there is so much gold that cannot be added here without ballooning until 2021 – you can see in the comments section Our official list. (Raise the sound here if you like!) Have happy gaming, folks, and 2021.

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