The judge says the DOJ case against Google will not come to trial until late 2023

The judge says the DOJ case against Google will not come to trial until late 2023

New York City offices closed on May 19, 2020 due to a corona virus infection outside the Google logo.

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Judge Amit Mehta said in a preliminary hearing on Friday that the Department of Justice’s no-confidence motion against Google would not be heard until late 2023.

Both parties agreed, which seemed like a deadline, and the judge set September 12, 2023 as the provisional date for the trial to begin.

The proposed timeline shows how long Google (and Facebook) will fight the hopeless challenges of the US government. Google Now faces three lawsuits From different committees of states and the DOJ, some of them may be consolidated before a single judge.

That said, researching Google’s business will take years of attention, and any changes ordered by the court will take a long time. In the short term, this is good news for investors, who do not have to worry about immediate structural changes that could affect the value of the company, such as the spin-off of key business units. But this means that Google will face a major distraction and may be tempted to enter new business areas and make major acquisitions.

Mehta had pointed out in the previous stage investigation that he wants to move the case quickly. But the proposed deadline shows that even a relatively fast process can take years. DOJ’s attorney estimated that the trial would take ten to 12 weeks, although Google’s attorney expected the trial to take much less time. Mehta said the “over / under” line would be set up in five and a half weeks.

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