The Jumbo version is coming to consoles on March 5th

Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition

A SEGA® Europe Limited. It is Two Point StudiosI am pleased to announce the launch of the critically acclaimed management simulator Two Point Hospital the Jumbo version For consoles on March 5, 2021 – a bundle full of new content for fans and newcomers alike to enjoy!

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition Switch to physical and digital formats for the Sony PlayStation ® 4 and Nintendo, and the Microsoft Xbox One is only available in digital format. Jumbo Edition Xbox Series X | Runs on S and PlayStation 5 with backward compatibility.


With more than 3 million players worldwide, there has never been a better time to enjoy Two Point Hospital! Make your hospital a masterpiece by designing the most stunning and functional health activity in the entire Two Point County. Train, improve and manipulate your team’s comprehensive personality traits, explore new areas and diagnose unusual diseases to create an incredible health empire!

Contents of the Jumbo Edition

The Jumbo Edition features a basic game, four extensions and two item packs, offering a total of 27 hospitals, 189 diseases and multiple items to keep in hospitals. Each expansion takes players to new areas where they will face region-specific diseases and challenges.

Also, with Jumbo version, Two Point Hospital And enhancements are now available for consoles for the first time since its launch in August 2018 in Brazilian Portuguese.

Bigfoot takes you to the winter area Pointy Mountains, The local famous Bartholomew f. Eddie has been petitioning for better health care. To cure new ailments like cold shoulder, Parts fever and Aurora Surrealis, Mr. Eddie needs your help!

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On Pepperley Island, you begin your adventures in the mild climate of Pepperley Reef, before finally entering the dense and unexplored land of Overgrove, trying to unravel the lost secret of eternal youth, in order to finally capture the impressive Doubles Mountain.

In Immediate contacts, Rumors of an encounter outside this world persist. Deal with plots, covert installations and unusual diseases such as scientific friction and extraterrestrials. Maybe you can see some aliens …

For those who love green things and Thai nature இல்லை No problem! At Tranquilized To Combo, you will manage the new game dynamics on your path to environmental success. Visit the first permanent city in Two Point County, do some gardening and don’t get any root nose or green fingers!
Go on time with a delightful collection of 26 retro and vintage items to keep in your hospitals with retro item pack or channel your inner artist with visual item pack. More information about extensions and item packs can be found here.

Physics version of Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition The PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will be available for purchase on March 5, 2021 at Players can buy from all over the world Jumbo version Digitally on all platforms, shop windows, startup. Fans who already have Two Point Hospital on their consoles can purchase new content digitally through the sites’ own stores.

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