The kick in the goalkeeper’s face results in five points: Look at the pictures

The kick in the goalkeeper's face results in five points: Look at the pictures

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Bahia’s guardian, Douglas Vasco da Gama, was shocked by defender Leandro Caston and had to leave the game to seek medical help.

This Sunday, at the Brazil Championships, the match between Vasco da Gama and Bahia drew attention to the action that would cause misery to any fan. While trying to score, defender Leandro Coston, former Roma, scored with a boot in the face of Bahia goalkeeper Douglas.

The move culminated in a goal by Vasco, but was canceled by VAR. In addition, Gaston received a red card. Douglas had to be replaced after the trauma.

“Douglas had a deep cut, with no suspicion of a fracture at first or a very serious injury. He has no neurological symptoms. He has been taking care of five stitches. In principle, this is not a concern for the next games,” said Daniel Arazo, a doctor from Bahia.

At the end of the game, (0-0), with a very shattered face, Douglas commented on the move and said he saw no harm in the opponent.

“The foot was strong, but I was coming in well. It hit my throat, it bothered me, but it was a decisive ball. I saw no harm, the player came to talk to me, but he could not stop going. It wasn’t much more than a mark and points. On Wednesday, get back to playing if you can. “

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