The King of Fighters 2002 unlimited competition is now available on PS4

KOF 2002

A SNK Corporation (The King of Fighters 2002 was announced today Unlimited competition (KOF 2002 UM) is now available in digital format on the PlayStation 4.

A critically acclaimed sequel to KOF 2002, first released in 2009, the KOF 2002 UM PlayStation 4 features a number of new features, including 66 playable characters, improved graphics and redesigned capabilities. The online functionality of the game is very smooth, thanks to the addition of Netcode rollback.

Online resources

OL rollback netcode
KOF 2002 UM offers an updated netcode rollback, which significantly reduces online lag during competitions. Players can adjust settings to enhance the online experience.

QOL Online vs. Features
KOF 2002 UM includes online resources that allow players to read their games and learn from their mistakes. Among them are opportunities to revisit the most recent 10 online matches, options that allow you to win / lose counters and cooldowns to avoid competing again after a quick fall.

UN 2 Unique Online Methods
Choose between “Rank Match” and “Player Match” where battle results are shared and ranked online, in which fans can define their own battle settings. Fight to become the real King of players on the international stage! This world is yours!

KOF 2002 Completely Updated!

Stunning case of 66 playable 66 characters!
In addition to the original KOF 2002 cast, a series of previous episodes of “THE NESTS CHRONICLES” featuring hidden characters and the exclusive character “NAMELESS” join the competition for the list of the greatest fighters in KOF history.

Improved graphics and PGM
Every demo screen, cut screen and hit screen have been completely redesigned. In addition, the soundtrack has been redesigned for more intense competition.

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NEW Various new and old movements are included
Many old movements return to KOF 2002 UM, especially with the new movements and special movements created for this topic. In addition, game dynamics and character skills have been redesigned.

Big update to MA Max and Max 2 mode
All frustration moves from KOF 2002 UM can now be canceled at any time via the “MAX Mode” system. The final “Max 2” features are even more remarkable and easier to use.

Game Info

King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Contest


PlayStation ®4

Date Release Date:
North America: February 8 (digital format)

R $ 79.90 (digital format)

■ Jogadors
1 ~ 2

Ic index ranking
ESRP: Dean
Peggy: 16 years

Site official site

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