The less advertising, the higher the fee plans come

The less advertising, the higher the fee plans come

This is not the first time we have heard of paid Twitter plans. Incidentally, some rumors have pointed out that it came in the course of 2020, which is something that never ends.

However, there seems to be more progress now. Twitter wants to charge for the tweet deck and new advanced features.

The fact that Twitter prefers paid programs is not exactly a novelty. Apparently, right now, groups on the social network are trying to find the best way to offer payment plans.

Pay for Twitter TweetDeck now

In these plans, access to the tweet deck may be charged. According to the website Bloomberg (Payment content), this Twitter alternative that allows you to manage verified accounts can now be paid for.

Features such as having a button to opt out of tweeting or additional profile customization options can also be payment options. There is another idea of ​​a paid service. For example, users can pay for tips on Twitter.

Twitter wanted to delete millions of accounts, but protests forced him to abandon the idea

Advertising is now the biggest revenue earner for the social network, and the truth is that this pro will damage the stability of the company’s accounts. In addition, advertising businesses that include competitors such as Facebook or Snapshot seem to be growing faster than they are on Twitter.

2021 test year

Speaking to the site, Twitter's Bruce Falk confirmed the company's plans to improve its revenue streams, and yes, subscriptions can be "added". However, he said the plans are in the "early study" phase.

We do not expect any significant returns on these opportunities in 2021

However, as soon as the data related to the accounts report is expected to happen soon, additional information regarding these social network claims can be advanced.

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