The lifespan of the iPhone is 2 times longer than that of competing smartphones

The lifespan of the iPhone is 2 times longer than that of competing smartphones

Manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, or other devices are prohibited from systematically using what we see at home (such as a computer or television). Companies are currently working to improve the life of their devices, but others have not shown much interest in this long life.

Apple is trying to extend the life of its devices and consumers seem to like it!

Apple France says the iPhone will last an average of 46 months

Apple has always defended its products when it comes to planned obsolete charges. As we have seen, the company guarantees your satisfaction, but above all, to save the planet, it will extend the useful life of all the devices it sells.

Latest Senate Hearing Apple provided the floor for three delegates from France to talk about the company's environmental plans.

Sebastian Cross, in charge of public relations, Clement Long, in charge of environmental issues, and Oliver Knopfler, in charge of customer relations, provided particularly interesting information about the life of the iPhone.

According to its announcements, Apple will try to extend the functionality of its smartphones to the maximum. Therefore, representatives of the company said The average lifespan of an iPhone is up to 46 months, The average of Android smartphones is only 23 months.

An interesting distinction that reveals a very anxious tendency in planned use.

One of the three representatives of Apple France said:

This 23 month fee applies to our competitors, but not to Apple. However, we are talking about the first life, not the second or third life that comes after the restoration.

But how does Apple come to that conclusion?

According to Clement Long, these values ​​have been credited to many internal studies, but also to external firms. Apple's head of environmental operations in France explains that the iPhone's second life (after resale or repackaging) is twice as competitive as that of a smartphone.

So, what explains this longer service life than competing smartphones?

Apple urges users to go to the Apple Store (or Authorized Repair) when there is a problem with an iPhone or any of the internal components, which can provide high quality original parts.

Once installed, your iPhone will logically be down. Finally, for the consumer, it is quite expensive, but it allows his iPhone to prevent problems again in the coming months.

Apple and environmental protection

During the hearing, the three delegates wanted to highlight the image of the organization fighting for environmental protection and reduce the emission rate from its activities around the world.

Sebastian Total Dis:

Some people oppose the environment, digital. On the contrary, at Apple we believe that we can not do without someone else. These two ecosystems go hand in hand.

Digital technology is making significant progress on environmental issues. Apple is one of the strongest companies in the world in this regard.

There is no denying that Apple has more obligations to protect our planet than rivals like Amazon, Samsung or Chinese companies like Hawaii or Xiaomi.

Image of Apple's website in context

The activities of California companies are significant, for example, we see the use of recycled materials in Apple products, the retrieval of useful items when the iPhone goes to the trash and the use of clean energy for Apple stores, offices and data centers. Team.

Apple, which is proud of its progress, describes all the developments in this area in one Dedicated page On your website.

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