The ‘lone elephant in the world’ arrives in Cambodia with the help of Kavan Cher

The 'lone elephant in the world' arrives in Cambodia with the help of Kavan Cher

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – also known as Cavan “The lone elephant in the world” After staying alone for many years at the Pakistani Zoo, he was greeted by a group of monks in Cambodia on Monday, after which he was sent to a wildlife sanctuary.

Like other travelers during these times the elephant should also be inspected Govit-19 Before his flight. Once his large metal crate arrived safely aboard, Cavan was offered snacks on the plane for a seven-hour voyage – 4 440 of them.

Cavan was not depressed during the flight, ate his food, and even slept a little in his nest, said Amir Khalil, a veterinarian who came with him on the plane and worked with the Vienna-led animal rescue team Four Pavs. Arrange the action.

“He often behaves like a fly. The plane was undetected and this is what you can hear when you change an elephant, ”said Khalil.

When the 36-year-old, 9 9,000 elephant arrived in Cambodia, he received a warm welcome from officials, bodyguards and Buddhist monks, who prayed for his reconciliation and prosperity.

Gifted from Sri Lanka to Pakistan in 1985, Kavan lived with his partner Saheli, who died in 2012, at the Margarita Zoo in Islamabad. The zoo fell during difficult times and conditions worsened as the zoo closed in August.

The plight of the male Asian elephant has caught the attention of Americans Singer and Actor Cher, Who was closely involved in rescuing him and was in Cambodia for Kavanagh’s visit.

Serin’s Animal Welfare Group has worked with Free The Wild Four Pows and American syndicate columnist and philanthropist Eric Marcolis to relocate Kavan – which cost $ 400,000.

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According to Four Powers, very young adult elephants have so far been relocated by air, so arrangements are difficult.

Amir Khalil, project development leader on four legs with Kavan at the Marghar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan in September.Saina Bashir / Reuters

Veterinarians and elephant specialists working at Four Powers spent three months in Islamabad training the guinea pig three times a day on how to safely enter and exit and his four-ton suitcase with no stress, including a system that can hold up to 53 gallons of urine.

He was dangerously overweight because he ate about 550 pounds of cane every day. With the help of Khalil, Cavan has lost 1,000 1,000 in the last three months.

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Gawan’s injuries are emotional and physical. Martin Boyer, a spokesman for Four Powers, said he would spend his days throwing his head from side to side as the only sign of boredom and sadness in the elephant.

The loss of his companion Saheli affected Gawan’s mental health. Burr explained that elephants are social animals that thrive in the company of other elephants.

Late Monday, Caven was taken by truck to a camp in northern Cambodia, where he could leave his nest on Tuesday.

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