The Microsoft Xbox Series X will launch on November 10th for $500 and the Series S for $300.

The Microsoft Xbox Series X will launch on November 10th for $500 and the Series S for $300.

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox Series X console.


Wednesday Microsoft Announcement The new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S game consoles are set to launch on November 10th. Pre-order starts on September 22nd.

The high-end Xbox Series X costs $499 and the entry-level Xbox Series S costs $299. Microsoft will also offer a financing plan that allows customers to pay for either console over a 24-month period.

Microsoft’s financing plans include access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play, which allows you to download or stream more than 100 games to your Xbox or PC. It also includes Microsoft’s new mobile streaming service that lets you stream from the cloud to your Android phone. If you’re not funding, you’ll need to purchase a separate Game Pass subscription plan starting at $9.99 per month.

Microsoft made fun of a smaller, cheaper version of the next-generation Xbox Series X console on Tuesday. Called the Xbox Series S, the new device will be Microsoft’s “smallest Xbox ever”, the company said.


The Microsoft Series X is now four times more powerful than the Xbox One X and includes an 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor. Xbox has a better graphics card.. The Xbox Series S is 60% smaller than the Series X and doesn’t have a disk drive, so you’ll have to download or stream all your games.

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