The Minister of Justice says that protecting vulnerable adults is a priority

The Minister of Justice says that protecting vulnerable adults is a priority

Addressing the European Parliament’s Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs to present the EU Council’s Portuguese President’s plan in the judiciary, von Dunem said, “The dimension of protection of vulnerable adults plays a central role in this semester’s agenda and justifies it in light of the small progress made over the years.

“As we know, a significant number of older Europeans in general face limitations due to a lack or lack of their personal abilities. Vulnerable adults face challenges and difficulties in defending their rights, protecting their interests and accessing justice. This is the free movement of people within the EU. , They face additional difficulties in terms of representation or access to the judiciary, ”he pointed out.

In 2008, the European Parliament urged member states to ratify the 2000 Hague Conference on International Security for Adults and asked the Commission to “evaluate the EU’s desire for access to this conference and to present a legislative proposal to strengthen it.” And enhances the recognition and implementation of security decisions, ”the minister said.

“However, after all these years, only one-third of the member states have ratified the agreement, and on the other hand, no action has been taken at the internal level of the union to improve the situation,” he lamented. “The most important thing. Sensitivity”.

Van Dunnem later said that “guaranteeing and promoting the rights of vulnerable adults in the civil and criminal sectors is a strategic priority that deserves a collective response from all member states”, which is why the theme is already being discussed in an informal video of EU justice ministers next Friday.

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“At the most theoretical and technical level, we will be hosting a high-level conference on March 30, and we hope this conference will lead to ideas and conclusions on how to better protect vulnerable adults in the EU,” he concluded.

Among other priorities of the Portuguese presidency in the judiciary, the Minister pointed to the digitalisation of the sector, with a response to links between counterfeit and organized crime, terrorism and cybercrime, hate crimes and other forms of discrimination. , And the rule of law and the protection of human rights.

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