The miracle? Got 500 thousand RTX 3080 in the abandoned container! Leakage

The miracle?  Got 500 thousand RTX 3080 in the abandoned container!  Leakage

Lack of stock of RTX 30 graphics cards is not new to anyone Especially when we talk about the much-loved RTX 3080. In fact, it was something that opened the doors of the event scalping By 2020, very different platforms like eBay or OLX are buying with good people to resell the plates at elevated prices.

However, half a million RTX 3080 cards seem to have been found … an order in the middle of the containers was completely lost! A real Christmas miracle!

The miracle? 500 thousand RTX 3080 found in abandoned container!

So for Nvidia fans it looks like Christmas came later! Since a container containing 500 thousand units RTX 3080 was found in a South Korean port. This container is not registered at the gateway, so it has not been opened or activated until now. Whose fault is this? Apparently it came from Samsung!

Jeff Fisher, Nvidia’s Vice President and Head of GeForce, commented, “Samsung has been investigating this container for months! Our partner had already stated that the order had left the factory, but they had never provided us with proof of that, in the form of documents verifying the arrival of the stock towards its final destination. ”

Well, these plates are processed and placed in the distribution channels. Is it half a million to ‘close’ the search? Probably not, but it is undeniably a big help.

Also, what do you think about all of this? Please share your opinion with us in the comments below.

RTX 4090 2X faster than RTX 3090!

The real beast of graphics reliability of the current RTX 3090 from Nvidia! Incidentally, AMD could not even launch at a competitor height, the RX 6900 XT was a cheap and of course less powerful alternative.

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However, it seems that Nvidia already has something very powerful for the next generation RTX cards. I mean, if you accidentally want to be a competitor to match AMD, it really has a lot of soup to eat.

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