The most profitable owners of Konami

The most profitable owners of Konami

Konami recently found itself in the midst of a controversy when it was revealed that the company would close its three gaming divisions. Konami later clarified the situation, saying that some vehicles have not moved away from game development as reported, but it is doubtful why its owners have simply abandoned it in recent years.

After all, Konami has some of the most popular and lucrative game owners, and in this overplay video we list the 10 highest grossing Japanese for many years.

10 – vs.

Contra began its ownership of the Arcades in 1987 and sold about 4 million units. The last game was Contra Rock Corps, created by Diologic and released in 2019 by Konami. The game was released without much fanfare, received very low scores and a negative reception, and was soon forgotten. A sad ending for the record-breaking owner and many more fans. Given Konami’s current position, it may actually have been the end.

9 – Silent Hill

Silent Hill began its ownership of PS1 in 1999 and sold about 9 million units. The last game was Silent Hills in 2014, which was canceled in 2015, after Hideo Kojima left the company and after the playable teaser, the popular PD, spectacular and even though it was a teaser affected everything that was later released in horror genres. In fact, 2012 was the last good year of the series, which saw three releases on several consoles, including games such as Silent Hill: Downpur, Silent Hill: Book of Memories and Silent Hill HD Collection.

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8 – Bomberman

Bomberman debuted for the MSX system in 1983 and sold about 10 million units. The last game is Super Bomberman R Online in 2020, which is actually a Battle Royale spinoff from the 2017 Super Bomberman R game that was the Nintendo Switch launch title. This is one of those series that seeks to renew itself to an ever-changing era. From RPGs to operating systems, none of them take the classic formula much.

7 – Dance Dance Revolution

The dance revolution started in 1998 for the arcades and sold about 10 million units. The last game was the Dance Dance Revolution A20 Plus in 2020, which was also an arcade game. The series played a major role in bringing the idea of ​​dance games to consoles. After the PS2 generation, it was losing ground to better motion controls and series with modern songs like Just Dance and Dance Central.

6 – Frog

Froger appeared for Arcades in 1981 and sold about 20 million units. Broker is another series that has repeatedly tried to update itself. Worst, according to analysts, is the generation of PS2 operating systems. Eventually, he returned to the more classic formula, like Froger in Toy Down, the latest release for iOS devices in 2019.

5 – Castlevania

Castlevania appeared for NES in 1986 and has already sold about 20 million units. The last game is technically Castlevania: Grimmier of Souls, which is the iOS game of 2019. The last official console release in 2014 was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The legacy of this series is no longer about games, but rather the popular Netflix animated series, which already has three seasons.

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4 – U-G-O!

U-G-O! This is an interesting event because it started as a manga in 1998. In 1999 Konami won the rights to card games and traditional digital games, selling about 21 million units. The most recent video game U-G-O! Although it’s a small card game compared to Nintendo’s Pokemon Empire, Dowlist’s 2019 Legacy: Connection Evolution. In general, this series is a duck laying golden eggs for Konami.

3 – Power Pros

PowerPro launched SNES in 1994 and has already sold 22 million units. Although this has changed many times over the years since the introduction of the Gigio Powerful Pro Yahoo, Power Pros is the current name. It is a cartoon baseball game that is more aimed at children and is practically an exclusive series from Japan, although fans have done some patchwork on many occasions.

2 – Metal gear

Medio Gear appeared in 1987 for Hideo Kojima’s final creation, the MSX system and has sold about 56 million units. The last game was the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Survive, which was released in 2018 after leaving Kojima, and was the first game in the series to be released without any contact with its creator. The story between Metal Gear, Kojima and Konami is long, but regardless, Metal Gear is still one of the favorite owners among Western fans.

1 – Pro Evolution Soccer

PES 2021

Pro Evolution Soccer, popularly known only as PES, was launched for PS1 in 1995 and has already sold 108 million units. This is another Konami game franchise that has undergone some name changes since its inception as the J League JQ Winning Eleven. This series only shows how popular football is worldwide, as it sells more than twice as much as the Metal Gear series. The last game was in 2020, with PES 2021 eFootball. Currently, Konami is working on the new generation of PES 2022.

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