The Myanmar leader has been detained by the military

The Myanmar leader has been detained by the military

Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the Myanmar government (formerly Burma) and leader of the National League for Democracy, and Win Mint, the country’s leader, were arrested by the country’s military on Monday morning.

Many important membersAccording to Reuters, the National League for Democracy won by a large margin in last year’s election.

Government spokespersons urged people to respect the law and avoid less thought-provoking reactions. There has been no official confirmation yet as to who ordered the arrests in the Southeastern Southeast or who could lead to the conspiracy, which also appeared in reports of persecution against the Rohingya ethnic minority.

Among observers, there are also those who recall the circumstances leading up to these arrests: following a massive election victory in November, following suspicions of fraud, with the aim of benefiting Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy, and the party.

Between elections and today, there has been no shortage of public accusations from members of the opposition and the armed forces that 8.6 million votes were inserted in the final election count. Some human rights groups have also condemned the alleged suppression of the right to vote for voters in some parts of the country.

Following these suspicions and allegations, the leader of the Armed Forces and probably the most powerful man in the country, Min Aung Hlong, expressed dissatisfaction with the alleged irregularities during the vote count.

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