The Netflix update includes sound balance improvements

The Netflix update includes sound balance improvements

Recently, version Android Netflix has received an update to the app, which promises to reduce the buffer and make the sound better and clearer in environments with background noise. Novelty is available for devices Android 9 Or rose.

This improvement is thanks to the adoption of the xHE-AAC codec, which, according to the streaming platform, “should improve intelligence in quieter environments, adapt to changeable cellular connections and measure to studio quality”.


Codec uses metadata to solve people’s audio problems when viewing programs on smartphones. Netflix explains that most crashes occur when playing content in loud places.

It is believed that this condition may be the result of weak speakers and random conversation levels. To address this, what xHE-AAC is doing is improving dynamic range control, a technology that reduces the distinction between noisy and quiet areas of a project.

The novelty promises to better position the audio of programs in environments with background noise. Photo: Sharaf Maksumov / Shutterstock

Quiet parts will become louder, allowing background noise to be heard, and louder volume will be discarded to avoid cuts. All this, at least in theory, without sacrificing sound quality. Finally, according to Netflix, conversations are streamlined throughout the program.

Finally, the codec also supports the “continuous bit rate change” feature. This means that the application should perform better in an environment with incompatible internet speeds. This addition is similar to the one added TV Streaming in 2019.


Netflix says tests conducted so far have proven many of the benefits of the codec. Now, the idea is to start updating to additional sites that support it. Maybe IPhoneSupport is available from the start, for example iOS 13 In 2019.

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