The new season of’The Bachelorette’ with Clare Crawley doesn’t sound like’Well done’.

The new season of'The Bachelorette' with Clare Crawley doesn't sound like'Well done'.

Claire Crawley’s journey begins tonight, and the latest trailer completes the latest single-loving rocky paths with tears and shouts.

According to host Chris Harrison, whatever happens between Crawley and the men in the house, “it doesn’t end well”.

“I’ve been looking for love all my life. I’m 39 years old. This may be my last chance. I promise. These fingers will no longer be bare.”

And when she meets contestant Dale Moss in the limousine, she declares love at first sight. “I felt like I had just met my husband,” she says.

Things turn dramatically when Crawley tells the group after one participant shouts to her, “I expected so much more from the oldest single.”

Crawley returns, saying, “I’m single because I didn’t settle for those guys.”

Another participant threatens to go out and another participant wonders who the celibacy really is.

Harrison is already canceling the rose ceremony.

He told Crawley, “The road we’re going right now doesn’t end well. For you, for men, for everyone.”

“Congratulations,” you just blew’The Bachelorette’. “

Crawley’s season was filmed for two weeks at the Palm Springs Resort in July with cast and crew, temperature checks, and quarantine for Corona 19 testing.

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