The new series Netflix is ​​embroiled in real life scandal

Netflix has paid $ 360,000 for the rights to change the life story of Anna Sorokin, the German heir apparent, with $ 60 million in foundation funds to beat banks and other financial institutions. To the insider.

According to records reviewed by Insider, Sorok used $ 199,000 to repay the bank and pay a $ 24,000 state fine.

The State of New York froze Sorok’s funds in May 2019 – a rare call by his “Sam son” law aimed at preventing criminals from profiting from their crimes.

The law was enacted in 1977 after publishers paid tribute to David Bergowitz, the serial killer of “Sam’s son”.

But because Sorokin paid the victims, Albany County Judge Richard Platkin recently ordered the state’s Office of Victims to dissolve his bank account and allow the remaining funds to be used before he is soon released from prison.

Prior to Flatkin’s order, Sorokin formally agreed to repay 000 70,000, which was still owed to Citibank, court records analyzed by Insider showed. For the first time, the Wall Street Journal reported that he had already paid $ 100,000 to Citi National Bank.

In addition to the approximately $ 3,223,000 he paid in restructuring and fines, Sorok has paid 75 75,000 in attorneys’ fees and is expected to complete legal proceedings again in his case, thus saving his little money from Netflix payments.

Sorokin first caught the attention in the United States in 2018, following a New York newspaper story about the exploits of Jessica Presler using her fake identity to infiltrate wealthy Manhattan circles and move between Soho hotels to maintain a rich lifestyle.

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He planned to raise funds from banks to create the Anna Delvy Foundation, which, if it were an art and restaurant space, would allow everything to be repaid if it was successful.

Sorokin was finally arrested on a major theft charge in 2017 and went on trial in 2019. He was convicted of eight counts and acquitted of two counts – attempted robbery of more than $ 1 million from Citi National Bank.

Judge Diane Geisel, who oversaw the criminal case, sentenced him to four to 12 years in prison, including two years he spent on Rikers Island before the trial.

Sorokin’s will be released in early February 2021, the New York State Corrections and Community Oversight spokesman told Insider.

The release date for the Netflix series on the life of Anna Sorokin is not yet known.

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