The new trailer reveals the cast of Destruction Allstars

The new trailer reveals the cast of Destruction Allstars

Destruction Allstars, A gaming action multiplayer created exclusively PlayStation 5 British studio Lucid Games has released a new trailer with subtitles in Portuguese. Oh Video Introduces some of the traits that make Unique 7 one of the sixteen fearless and glamorous Allstars that make up the team of international rivals fighting for the World Destruction Federation Championship.

This new trailer released yesterday shows some of the capabilities and exclusive vehicles of some of the playing characters like Lost Barricade, Boxstop, Harmony, Zion, SGD. Rescue, Twinkle Riot and Genesis.

Destruction will be free for Allstars PlayStation Plus subscribers

Remember that in Destruction Allstars, players will have the opportunity to master the art of extreme motor combat, learn the right timings, tactics and skills that can cause great damage to the planet in vibrant arenas surrounding destruction and catastrophe.

In February, the game will be available for free for two months PlayStation Plus. This means that anyone who subscribes to this service can purchase the game and enjoy this complete experience on the PlayStation 5, thanks to the striking graphics, fast loading, unique feedback from each vehicle and the impulses of information and haptic feedback from DualSense.

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