The nurse who refused to retire to help during infections died

The nurse who refused to retire to help during infections died

AFor more than 50 years as a nurse in the United States, Betty Creer Gallagher was entitled to retire at the time of the onset of the Govt-19 epidemic. However, according to those who knew her, the desire to care for others spoke louder.

‘Miss Betty’, as her co-workers called her, usually took the night shift to help younger colleagues, and according to the family, was everyone’s favorite nurse, CNN reported.

When Kovid-19 became infected, due to his age, colleagues asked him to stay home to protect himself from the disease. This is a request that he does not accept knowing that the community needs it.

She continued to work until she was forced to stay home when Kovid-19 was infected with the virus in December. On January 10, the day before he turned 79, Betty died.

“She didn’t do it to show it. She did it because it was her business,” said her son, Carson Crier Jr., about why the mother insisted on continuing to work.

Betty worked as a nurse for most of her life, believing it was her duty to care for patients and younger colleagues.

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