The Nvidia RTX 3080D has just appeared online

A Asus Apparently Coincidentally emerged Presence of Nvidia RTX 3080D, upgraded version of 3080 and expectedn Next February, after the year New The Chinese.

Two Suspicious SKUs appeared Asus: O ROG-STRIX-RTX3080TI-O20G-Gaming eo ROG-STRIX-RTX3080TI-20G-GAMING.

The former will overlock the factory and the latter will use standard reference watches. As we have seen in previous rumors and leaks, the 3080 Ti will be 3080 to 3090 based on memory. The 3080 offers 10GB of GTDR6X RAM for users, while the 3090 offers 24GB. 3080 T 20GB will provide.

At the moment, the price of the 3080 Ti is hugely uncertain. The 3080 Ti will be around $ 1,000, while the 3080 will be priced at around $ 700 and the 3090 at $ 1,500.

Nvidia may raise the price a bit more as both cards are in high demand, but with AMD’s Radeon RX6900XT priced at 99 999, it looks like the Nvidia team will not last long. From the Asus 3080 leak

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Asus also revealed that AMD’s Radeon RX6700XD12GB has 12GB of direct competitor, the RTX3060. 3060 12GB is scheduled for release in January.

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