The official video shows the new Suzuki Hayabusa going 290km / h

The official video shows the new Suzuki Hayabusa going 290km / h

The fastest bike in history Suzuki Comes back and is scheduled to launch. On February 5th, the Japanese brand will be unveiled The new generation of Hayabusa. The popular sports car emerged in the late 1990s The world’s fastest production bike.

The video (below) gives the appetite of the new Hayapusa. It is 25 seconds with very fast shots, however it does not fully reveal Game Bike. In one scene, the instrument panel represents a speedometer of 180 miles (approximately 290 km / h).


In late 2018, Suzuki announced the end of Hayabusa. The sports car, launched in 1999, was about to turn 20 when it was discontinued due to new strict emission laws in Europe. Therefore, it was the symbol of the Suzuki Sprinter, which reached a top speed of 312 km / h.

With a typical Japanese design and impressive fairness, the Hayabusa was an immediate success in sales. The first generation, produced until 2007, surpassed the 100 thousand units recorded in the world. However, many years later new speed limits undermined sales.

Suzuki / Revelation

New “Pusa”

So, there is no information about the model in the video for the new Hayabusa. However, some details can be found. The design maintains the classic and muscular identity of the game, adding LED lights and flashing lights to the headlight, creating a horizontal bar.

According to specialty websites in Japan, the new Hayapusa will come with updated dynamics to comply with Euro-5 emission standards. However, reducing the gases does not reduce the appetite of the sportswoman. As the teaser shows, the machine’s red cut line runs at 11,000 revolutions.

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Nova Suzuki Hayabusa 2021
Suzuki / Revelation

Another new element is the display display positioned between the speedometer and tachometer clocks. The LCD screen displays a map and various data such as the number “6”, which indicates a change of gear. Now we can only wait until next week to see the new Hayabusa.

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