The popular series trilogy cameo almost never happened

When The Rise of the Skywalker It has many opponents, but one that cannot be denied even by harsh critics is the power to see many faces Star Wars The past of franchise reunites in a distant galaxy.

There was a lot of focus Given The proceeds of the Lando Callrician and Emperor Balpatine, another beloved character returned late in the film. The wedge has been a part of the Antilles Star Wars Saga is from its inception, but his Chapter IX It was almost gone before the cameo started.

Who is Wedge Antilles?

A fighter pilot with Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles One of the best pilots In the galaxy. Beginning with Ya’s famous battle and continuing into the next three films, Antilles is not a Jedi like Luke, not a traitor like Han. He has a rare view of what it was like for mortal warriors in the universe.

Although Wedge’s overall role was small compared to everyone else, he became the signature of dozens of differences. Star Wars-Related books, games and fan arguments are everywhere. Wedge, starring Scottish actor Denise Lawson, helped keep the owner’s main characters on the job without asking for the same accolades he received for the main characters.

He is a vision of people who have to live within the universe without superpowers. He was a great pilot, a perfect wingman and some of Luke’s non-Jedi friends outside of his central circle. All in all, there were some characters in the front row that Wedge had Star Wars The saga took its shape.

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However, bringing him back to a distant galaxy gave some hope to the filmmakers behind it. Chapter IX.

Love hate relationship

Many others in Star Wars Actors owe their careers to the owner. Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil, Gary Fisher and the rest of the cast were promoted immediately. Empire of Hollywood Royalty After appearing in ownership. However, because many loved being a part of the universe, others had a more complex relationship.

Alec Guinness, who starred as the veteran OP-van Canopy in the original films, hated it Star Wars He constantly reminded fans of asking him for an autograph, how much he hated being a part of it. When Lawson is not a part of it Chapter VII, He is rumored to have Guinness World Records.

His own son-in-law, Evan McGregor, played the younger Canopy in the prologues, which provoked these when he talked about his uncle’s insistence that he not play the role.

“He always rejected it because he worked for two weeks and sat on a cardboard spaceship,” McGregor told Fanta Trax about his uncle. “Yet he had this massive following. It kind of angered him…. ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t do that, then I approached it, I wanted to do it…. I’m so glad I did because it was so much fun to be a part of it.”

Lawson, however, fought back against these claims.

Returns to the ship

Kelly Marie Tron, Naomi Akki, Kerry Russell, Oscar Isaac, John Boyce and Daisy Ridley | Gareth Catermol / Getty Images for Disney

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According to Lawson, he did not appear alone Chapter VII Due to prior obligations. He cuts down on these rumors of his hatred Star Wars The role that many know of him as internet nonsense Fanta Tracks.

“I rejected the new Star Wars films so much that there are rumors that I don’t want to get involved in it. But that’s absolute nonsense. The last thing I can do is say, the only thing I’ll ever said is that I’m bored of journalists asking me about Star Wars, I hate movies somehow. I did not do it because I could not do it. “

Fortunately, Lawson was able to return to the wedge. Although his role was small, he eventually culminated in nine films Skywalker history as a key part of the success. Regardless of what fans thought about the movies, looking at the wedge inside the ship showed that the events of the first movies affected those who were not yet strong. For that, fans can be grateful.

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